I can breathe

This sight is all new to me. Over lunch break I started looking through everything and I have to say... it brings tears to my eyes to see the chats like normal convo, the post of people experiencing highs and lows, pump talk, basal, bolus, shots, bg readings, etc. 17 Years ago my thyroid was removed due to graves disease then shortly after that I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. I don't have much support as I am the only one who is diabetic in my family. So to see all the support on this site is amazing to me. It is like finding your other shoe... lol! I can finally relate:) (sigh)

Welcome Yella!!!! We are so glad you found us. Manny Hernandez's mantra about our community is no diabetic should ever feel alone.

Glad you found your other shoe.


Yay Yella, I felt the same way when I joined in 2008. I'm so thankful to have this community. Just this morning I had a serious problem with my pump, and folks in the chat room calmed me down enough to deal with the problem. We are all helping each other here.

welcome to this lovely place we call family
so glad you found us

Welcome, Yella, we are all here to help and support each other. Feel free to ask questions, write blogs on your experiences, and make many friends! :D

Hi Yella! Glad you found us :)

Thanks for your welcomes:)

Welcome Yella! I'm always looking for my shoe or shoes...(arg)! I'm also known as one of the members with a dark sense of humor, muwhahahaha!

If I hadn't found tudiabetes.org, I'd be very alone in this up and down world of "D". I'm VERY grateful for everything I've learned here. I like to "lurk in chat to look listen and learn. I also jump right in to chat and ask whatever I want to know whenever I need to and just sometimes get moral support (I'm the only one in my family and circle of friends that is a PWD)
Hope to see ya' in chat! It's open 24/7/365 days a year and there's usually someone there to offer support! *hugs* MrS ;

Hi Yella,

Like you I am the only one in my family that has T1 and it is really hard to cope on your own. you've had to be pretty strong to do that on your own. I found this site only a few years ago, but it made a huge difference for me. I'm sure it will continue to do so for ou as well. Let's talk if you like.

Hello Yella!!!

I am new to this site as well and i think you have taken the words out of my mouth!! WHere did all of these other people like me come from, you mean Im not alone...Im not the only one that has a lurking diabetic demon with highs and lows or Im not the only one who has ever wanted to not care anymore because it was just too much.

I was diagnosed at the age of 11 in the early 90s. The doctors hounded us over, "who in your family has diabetes?" NO ONE!!! Just me, I am the lone ranger. 20+ years later i still feel like the lone ranger!!!

THen i found this blog.

Yea to support and others who can help, offer options, advice and encouragment.

Welcome…hope you find tuD to be the great motivator it is…best to you.