I can't begin to tell you how disappointed I am in my fellow canadians

I posted a discussion about our right to have qualified physicians and surgeons, that we have a right to know their background and history the good and the bad… not one of you made a comment. shameful!

One problem with the board is that so many people post discussions that they drop out of sight quickly, sometimes, before you have a chance to see them. So unless you go looking in the forums, you just miss them completely.
And I’m not qualified to comment about the Canadian Health System, anyway, because I’m a USian.

Yes i am aware you are USian! LOL thats why I posted this in the canadian forum… maybe I should have just put it in my blog… seems more people read those than anything else! LOL

Sometimes people just overlook things, though with groups people get an email notice.

Look under the canadian group. The title of the discussion is WAKE UP CANADA!

I am Canadian but one problem I have is that in order to see the posts people make in groups you must go through each group you belong to. I only spend an hour or two on this site per week and I visit the forums and blogs but don’t often go searching through the groups unless I’m looking for a topic of particular interest. I wish under the groups link that there would be a page showing all recent posts and activity in the groups you belong to.

Yes Jen, that seems to be the case. I guess if I want to be heard I shall blog it. Seems most people read those.