Diabetes Care in Canada

We seriously need something done with our health care system. That isn’t to say that we don’t have some wonderful people in place but we need more and desperately! I have mentioned the young man who had the terrible seizure. He is now out of the hosptial and on his own more or less. There is no way this young man does not have severe issues to overcome. He was not taught how to deal with his lantus regimen and had no grasp of his carb to insulin ratio let alone what it is. They sent him home with a loaded gun. I am not sure that he would hve the cognitive ability to do this on his own at this point. I know he is an adult but why was someone else not trained with him? If they really want to save themselves some money, why not send him home with some home care. Have the homecare worker learn about diabetes and assist him in injecting and monitoring.

I could have things wrong but it appears that this young man has ben left to go home and repeat old habbits. He needs education. He needs councelling. He needs understanding. There is so much that should be done. So much that should be watched and he is only one person.

The health care system scares me. I have ahd people tell me that they have learnt more off of this site than they were able to get elsewhere. I am not a health care professional. After all of these years I should have been a doctor but I am not. I am a mother. My scientific background consists of grade 12 biology, neuropsychology, and psychophysics in unniversity. That does not make me a medical professional. I do read. I listen. I learn. I travel. I try to listen to and speak with some of the best medical people in the business and am proud to be able to do that but I wish I could share more. I wish I could do more. I still want my own diabtes boot camp. I could be the leader–the Momma Bear Control Freak, and have medical people under me. Ask my son, I am tough when it comes to diabetes care. again I was told today that I had it easy. It was great to watch the control I have with Liam. Easy? Who are you kidding? Its a lot of work and greater work now that I am having to teach him more and more how to stand on his own. I truly wish I could just hlep so many more!

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I agree with you Barb, we need more. But I also believe it is our place to ask questions and to find out as much as we can.

I too have learned a lot from this site. When I was diagnosed 17 yrs ago I had a good team and they taught me well. But a lot has changed in 17yrs and my knowledge hadn’t. I think a lot of the time my doctor just assumes I know since I live with the disease.

I think we should always be going to a CDE and refreshing and taking a more dominant role in our care. It’s a life long disease that we always have lots to learn about. That is why this site is so great. We can come here and discuss our issues and get some feedback and learn new things.

I’m glad your son is in good control, but I know that it is not easy. It is something that I’m sure your family works hard at everyday, all day. I don’t know who thinks you have it easy, but if they know diabetes they should know better.

I completely agree that everyone should be regularly seeing their diabetes team. Sadly, that can be very difficult as they are already over taxed. The other problem is too many people don’t know the questions to ask. I have dealt with people whom I have sent back to their doctor or CDE with questions. They sadly just don’t know enough about their own disease. I agree that diabetes care changes quickly and keeping up is a full-time job. I work hard to do just that but that is me. Not everyone can do that. They need someone to help them and when they are in obvious distress I think its the systems responsibility to ensure that they are getting that support and education.

Your right, there should be some sort of classes or group. In my area there apparently was a group thru the Canadian Diabetes Assoc. But they cancelled it due to poor attendance. I didn’t even know it existed, I only found out because I was looking for an Expo. We don’t do enough to let people know or provide support.