I can't get more than 5 days out of Minimed Paradigm sensor

I can’t get more than 5 days out of Minimed Paradigm sensor.

What tips should I use to get better mileage?

Hi John! I don’t use CGMS, but I heard that it matters WHERE you put your sensor on your body. Where do you wear yours?

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I think this might be an individual thing. I get 9 days of really good readings and then it gets iffy on the next 3 day period. I can’t keep it on past 12 days, though. But I’ve heard of people getting 20-30 days on a single sensor, so I really think it’s a YMMV issue.

I get 7 days only. After the 7th day I get weird readings and finally the meter will say “bad sensor”. Mine has went bad in as little as 6 days. Sounds like its just one of those “diabetic” things going on.

I would welcome even that…I cannot go more than 3–my body wants that sensor out in 3 days-no matter where it goes–but 3 days and it is just fine.

I can get 7 days before the batteries die and I have to recharge. I’ve gone 2 more days on the same sensor after that, but I try not to. Is it the sensor itself that’s not working?

Hi, Kimberly! I know this is an old post of yours, but you were addressing my exact question. I’ve been using the Paradigm CGM system for about 3 weeks now and my current sensor has been in for 6 days – still seems to be OK. More importantly, I don’t have any discomfort at the site. What prevents you from going beyond day 12? And where did you hear about people using 1 sensor for 20-30 days? I’d like to find out more about how they manage that. Seems like there shouldn’t be a limit so long as you recharge the transmitter as needed.

Yeah, mine seems to be working best after around 3 days, and after 5-6 days, my sensor insertion site is generally getting unhappy - you’re not alone in being jealous of the folks who can go 9 days or more!

I’m on MiniMed now, but with the DexCom sensors, it seemed to stay happier significantly longer - I sometimes got almost two weeks, but the longest I’ve gone on an MM sensor is 8 days, and I had one appearing infected after 6 days which never happened in 3 years with the DexCom sensors before I made the switch.

Pardon my ignorance here, but I’ve only had the Minimed CGM for 2 weeks. Also, this is my first post here (hi, folks!).

My sensor “ends” after 3 days. Is this something I can change?

Thanks for your help!

you can’t change it, Jacquie… however you can “fool” it by going to the sensor menu and telling to start new sensor. you’ll get another 3-day cycle for the same sensor

Hi! Yes, what I do when that happens is just go to “sensor start” and just start all over again. You should get a “BG test now” alarm in a few minutes after you start again.
Then you should be able to go another 3 days. At the end of those 6 days, if you still want to try to continue to use that sensor, you MUST remove the transmitter(clam shell) and recharge it for at least 20 minutes. Then, plug the transmitter back in, being very careful to not pull the sensor at all, (when removing or reinserting the transmitter). Then, go to “sensor start” and do it all over again. At this time(after having charged the transmitter) you will wait 2 hours to get your next “BG test now” alarm.
Hope I explained this well enough for you. It is just second nature for me now, so I actually have to “think” before I write to explain these steps.
Good luck and let us know how it goes. Do NOT get discourged if you don’t get more than 6 days, or maybe no more than 3 days. We are all so different.

You guys are so sneaky! I love it! Thanks for the information; I’ll let you know how it works.

I have better luck going past Day 3 in I do a recharge at the end of the 3 day cycle. I can usually get to Day 9 without much of a problem. If I can go to Day 6 I am happy (current sensor on Day 5), basically doubling the life expectancy. If you compare to a Dexcom, please note that the Dexcom sensor is designed (approved) to go 7 days vs 3 days for the MM. So a 2 week stretch for Dexcom = 6 days for MM. The costs are the same. Its more of an issue of changing sites more often. I’ve started to get creative, not too creative.

Note to all…none of the discussions that Kristin listed talk about an existing product, only about old product from MM.

Arm is the best place for any CGM sensor, the more solid it is in the skin and the less it move in and out the better it will work.

I’ve never managed to get more than 5 good days on a sensor. By the 5th or 6th day, it flatlines when I know it should be showing various readings.
And by the way, we aren’t being sneaky – we’re being good little girls and boys – it was my MM rep who told me I could hit “new sensor” when I got to “Sensor End”!

5 days isn’t all that bad. Once in a while I will go a smidge over 6 days, mainly if there is a problem early on and I have to tell the sensor it’s a new sensor so I lose track of my days.