I Delivered my Baby Girl!

Hi ladies, I delivered my baby, Elaine Aniela on 11 December at 8:07pm. She weighed 6lbs 13oz and is a healthy baby. I delivered just a few days from my due date 39w 3d. It was a challenge as all labor and deliveries are but somehow my blood sugars stayed normal while I was in labor. The body is an amazing thing. I will write my labor story soon but I just wanted to tell this group the good news and let you know that all the hardwork pays off :slight_smile:

Hi Diana,

Congratulations....that's great!!! I am interested in your story since I am planning to get pregnant soon.

Best Regards,


Hoorah!!! Congratulations Diana!!!! Hope that you are both resting well and that you have celebrated with some good high carb food!

Thank you :slight_smile:

Yes! I celebrated with sugary cereal and chocolate milk. I also enjoyed some Panera Bread. My blood sugars are still low so Iā€™m going to eat all the sweets I can get :slight_smile:

Congrats!! I myself ate a huge thing of baked brie as well, not gonna lie :) Enjoy this time and be sure to care for yourself in the midst of everything!

Congratulations Diana! Did your doctor have to induce you or did you go naturally?