Early Arrival! 35 weeks 3 days!

Just wanted to update you guys on my pregnancy… I delivered a healthy 5lbs 9oz baby girl on 4/26 @ 8:21 pm via c-section… My labor experience was wonderful, I was able to keep my insulin pump on the entire time. I was able to check and control my sugars myself!!! My night started with going to labor and delivery for vomiting and nausea, my doctor came in to check me and to my surprise i was dialated 3cms, he broke my water and in a matter of seconds i was dialated 8cms!! gosh did things move fast before i knew it, it was time to PUSH!!! i pushed for 2 hours no luck ;-(… i was rolled into the OR and within 15 mins our baby girl was born. no complications!!! Thank GOD!!! Aubrey Samone is now 2 weeks old today and is doing fine…


So glad eveything went as well as it did and that you were able to keep track of your sugars and insulin yourself.
Enjoy the crap out of that new little one!


BIG congratulations, sharray!!! so glad that you and little aubrey are doing well!!

wow! Congrats! So great to hear such wonderful news!

Congratulations!!! YAY!! Best feeling in the world isn’t it!?


Congradulations! Post a picture when you can I wanna see the little one haha :))