I did it!

So here is something that might be a shock to some of you. I have been a diabetic for 31 years. This web site has great information for anybody who is a diabetic (type 1 or 2 or 3) and family members who might have questions about diabetes. Please pass this along to any diabetic that you may know.... It could change their life like it did for me :)
If you have any questions let me know, LOL

That was the post Iput out on my facebook wall with a link. It was one of the last things I had told my mother (before she had died) that I was going to do which was tell everybody, cool thing is that most of my family knows so I know I will get a few good post from them, its the co-workers and friends that I am not sure about. We shall see. in the mean time no more closet for me!!!!!!!!
And I fell good about it too, first time in my "DIABETIC" life :)

How nice to post on Facebook!

I post on Facebook too and share blogs, info etc. It's interesting to see the conversations which pop up on "friend's" pages involving "friends of friends". Jenny has a Bloodsugar 101 group where she posts current information and anyone can join. Kelly's "Trials and Tribulations of a Type 1 Diabetic" is also on FB. She has lots of great information about complications etc. which are good to share.

I was diagnosed 30+ years ago too. For someone with a "hidden" chronic disease or disability it's a lot different than it was back then, and that's all for the better! Most folks today, you will find, don't treat it as a mark of shame to be diabetic.