I DO know better

I generally keep my BG below 6mmol/l[108mg] all the time. anyway that's my target. A1c in the 5%s shows I achieve it most of the time. Last night however, after dinner [I don't even think I should admit what I ate, but here goes. A breaded cod fillet and 5 potato chips, fries! with green beans and peas]
I checked bg which was 8.3mmol[150mg]. I haven't done that in about 2 years.
Just goes to show how anyone can slip up.
I took an extra Metformin 500 last night with a starlix 60. This morning I was back on target at 4.7 mmol~ 85mg. I've been very careful all day.
I shall have to watch it if Iwant my July A1c to be in the 4s, which is my aim.

I'm cheering for you Hana!

We all slip once in a while. I am sure you will be back on track by the end of today. We can't be perfect all of the time.

Yum Hana, that sounds good! Please don't take away from the enjoyment with guilt.

When I had my A1C done after my cruise in Dec., I fully expected it to go over 5 with some wonky BGs on more carbs than I was used to. It went down .2. Don't think a couple of readings will kill your goal :)

We took our first cruise last September to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary and I found it all suited me very well. A cooked low carb breakfast. Mid morning coffee, lunch of coffee and a sugar-free dessert, afternoon cup of tea and a dinner with plenty of choices. I chose salads for most of my courses. I also went to a dance exercise class nearly every day and walked up the stairs, except forr the days when husband was taken ill and i was pushing him around in a wheelchair. Pushing a LARGE man in a wheelchair on a carpeted floor gave me plenty exercisse too. My weight went down Ikg 2.2lb in the 2 weeks.

Hana, I am full of admiration for the fact that you manage to stay under 6 mmol under ordinary conditions. And I don't think an occasional small slip-up like that is going to matter in the long run.

That vast majority of times you succeed should make you feel very good about yourself and continue to motivate your effort -- don't let a little blip like that get you down! :-)

I too found the food both wonderful, and with loads of LC options available. I ate around 90 cho a day instead of my usual 30. Had no problem getting back to 'normal' and enjoyed it a lot!

Thanks Natalie
I usually keep on the straight and narrow fairly easily, because I enjoy cooking and like eating simple food.
Sometimes though I do feel I'd like something i know I shouldn't. generally, Ihave a tiny bit, which satisfies the craving. Unfortunately, like most people, i do like good chips [fries] I keep the portion down Very small. Less than the equivalent of a single medium potato.
I allow myself a few chips perhaps once a month, however, combining them with breaded fish was foolish. I should have had one or the other.
today for dinner, we are having minced beef, cooked with onions, mushrooms , garlic and celery. T1 husband has insisted on having a couple of potatoes and there's a whole pile of purple sprouting broccoli and sugarsnap peas. I haven't gone in to a depression for the over 8. It made me cross enough with myself to be more careful.
I do wish I could get my weight to go down though.