If you're 84 mg/dl and you know it, clap your hands

I'm just celebrating that I'm seeing a lot of nice, healthy, double-digit BG's in my meter window since I really buckled down on the carbs (<= 50 gm/day), figured out my insulin doses and started doing more exercise. Whew. It wasn't that long ago that my HMO's so-called "diabetes expert" had me on an I:C ratio that was all wrong (1:30 when my true I:C ratio is 1:4), I was eating WAY too many carbs and injecting insulin seemed like injecting water, for all the good it was doing my BG's.

Every time I see a reading between 75 and 120 I do a little happy dance. Finally all this effort is paying off.

If anyone is NOT having a happy dance day today, I understand. Managing diabetes SUX. But for the moment, I'm luxuriating in my itty-bitty meter readings.

That is awesome! I'm so happy you have figured things out!

The only reading between 70 and 120 I've had in range today was breakfast ... but at least I haven't seen any 200+ readings today!

I am thinking I might try going back to eating ~50g a day. I only gave it a few weeks when I tried it before in January, which isn't really a fair run.

Thanks, Jen. I'm sure diabetes will throw a curve ball at me before too long -- or I'll do something silly again, like forget a Levemir dose. But for now it's nice to have a brief respite.

I think it was easier for me to go down to fifty because I hovered at 100 for a a few weeks. Going from 10,000 to 50 would have been more difficult! :o)

Way to go Jean! There are a lot of opportunities for victories with diabetes, one test at a time!

Congratulations, Jean. Joining you in a virtual happy dance!

I'm resisting the urge to test myself five times in a row every time it's under 100. It would make my meter "averages" look so lovely, but who would I be fooling, exactly?!

(BTW, you know you're one of my role models, right? No pressure.)


Cheering you on from across the line :) ...very empowering to read your discussion Jean .
I have been finger poke result challenged from the time , while away travelling to and from Waikiki , the warmer weather in Hawaii , managing a cold since home , minor surgery on my leg( basal cell cancer ) and on it goes ...but alive enough to tell the story .

Hi Jean, Looks like you deserve your happy dance. If it wasn't so far from Tennessee to Seattle I would come dance with you. Well maybe not since I have 2 left feet.

Gary S

I've been at 100g for the past six months or so. I can go down to 70g without much more work. For some reason, I find 50g to be a lot more work. But maybe I'll give it another shot at some point.

Hey, perfect! I have two right feet! ;0)

Good for You!!!!

I'm lo/carb no/carb and it works.

Keep up the good work and keep dancing!

Now if we could do something about the thousands of mile between us. How about an online dance. Step123, Step123,.............

OK, you're leading -- I'll have to do everything backwards:

321petS, 321petS....

...Ooops. Sorry! Is your toe OK?...

Yay! Isn't it amazing? I really have to wonder about these so called Medical people
But, I think most are TYPE 2 OCD and have no clue how to handle Us T1's

And Yes, The Key is In the Carbs.. Being 1 u +/- can make a 15-30 pt difference either way
Knowing those Exact Carbs is Key..for me..
Thus, If I don't Know The Tot carbs? I can't Eat it!
and If Can't figure out my Tot Carbs at home Food?
I'll even go upto McD's and Get a Couple of Burgers, since I Know the Tot Carbs In them!

Last resort at Home? I keep some Healthy Choice Meals in the Freezer..

Again, If I am even 5 carbs Off? having a 1:5 ratio can drive mey BG's up 20-30 pts either way.. and hate those hypo's..

Hi Dennis, I'm not sure what you meant by "TYPE 2 OCD"?

I am an insulin-dependent T2 on multiple daily injections of Levemir and Novolog. Just FYI.

Congratulatory hugs! You're doing great & inspiring others. Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus, but you have to be diligent to get those readings.

1:30 ratio. Where do they come up this stuff? T2's typically have small ratios because of IR. Another diabetes expert strikes out.

I' glad you are finding me useful! I am the only person pressuring myself about diabetes though. And running. And really anything else. Maybe cooking, I have some pressure to manufacture food that a teenager will eat without snarky comments?

happy dance myself, 89 this AM and holding steady at 90..feels SO GOOD! type 2 insulin dependent is, indeed, different from a type 1 insulin dependent. If I remember correctly, you were able to go off insulin when other lifestyle changes took place, no? so, there is a big difference between type 1 and type 2 'insulin dependent'. But, sounds like you're working hard at it...maybe you'll be able to cut back or go off insulin again..good work!

LOL - Good luck with that cooking thing. Teenagers are a tough audience.