I don't do this too often

I was having a good bloodsugar day, surprise, surprise…then my dinner included pulled pork sandwich and pork and beans a brown sugar nightmare and I had changed my carb to insulin ratio because of all my lows the last few days.

Well I went sky high to 293, tested again 243, don’t know why the 50 point difference but at this point, WTF does it matter.

Well I bolused and felt absolutely starved something that happens when we are sky high, so what did I do, a big Bozo no no, I mega bolused and had a huge snack. I know I am wrong to do this, but I did it. I have done it before, and will probably do it again.

Anyone else care to confess??

I can confess… I have been feeling like crap and just haven’t cared today… I haven’t tested or taken a shot today… I just don’t care at this point… I’m having a small frozen pizza for a late night snack because I’m starving… Ugh!

mega food is okay…but you must shoot up

I finally tested 438… I guess I should correct now… Sigh…

i do it too, probably more often than i should. When I was hungry and wanted to snack before meals, I would eat a salad. But I’ve eaten so much green stuff I feel like a cow lol. So lately I’ve been more tempted to splurge.

I’ve done and I’ve paid for it.

yeah, I’ll probably do it again.


I do it all the time then wonder why my BGs are soooo high. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and feel starved. So I not only have a bedtime snack but sometimes a middle of the night snack.

Will I do it again? Do I know better? Yes. But I can say without a moments hersitation, Yes I will do it again…

We had a weekend “vacation” at the lake. Thank you for this opportunity to “confess”. I had a great evening last night. Here are the details.

Yesterday I ate fried fish for dinner with french fries.
Bolused for 80g of carbs

Then we went for a walk and stopped at a bakery. The chocolate cake looked really good. I decided to check if it really was. (It was.)
Bolused for 35g of carbs

Then everyone decided we should have an ice cream. So I decided to have one scoop (about half the size of an average scoop in the USA).
Bolused for 20g of carbs

My blood sugar:
3.5 hours after dinner - 91 mg/dl
4.5 hours after dinner -108 mg/dl
5 hours after dinner- 118 mg/dl
(life seemed to good to be true)
I woke up thirsty at 2am and finally clocked in at 212 mg/dl and with a correction came down to 150 mg/dl in the morning.

OK, definitely not my worst blood sugar night. But somewhat of a record in insulin stacking and huge carb intake!

Will it happen again? Judging from the past probably! Do I know that these eating habits are not healthy for anyone (diabetic or not)? Yes. What do I keep eating like this? Good question. I guess because it tastes good. Not a good enough reason. But…

Elizabeth-- Karen is right-- when I want a day “off”, I eat more than usual or don’t count carbs exactly, but skipping the insulin is not an option. That can be too dangerous.

Try to give yourself breaks, but be sure to take your insulin and check your blood sugar.

I have days where I decide to eat whatever the heck I want (see below), but my deal with myself in that i do the best that I can to cover it with insulin and check more often than usual. I know that this doesn’t sound like a real break, but it’s a good way to feel some freedom without too huge risks.

I totally do this sometimes, too! Sucks when you think numbers are good, but the sugar just got delayed!

Kristin, you crack me up!!! I’m so worried about stacking that sometimes I will run high because of it. I had another day today where food just tasted too good. I had three slices of pizza, a small regular coke, ice cream, and some really good chocolate chip cookies. Yeah, I covered for a total of 90 carbs, I know, it wasn’t enough and two hours afterwards I was 273, not too bad could have been worse, but I covered the high then decided that those cookies were too good and had a couple more! I don’t generally do this but it just was one of those days! I just took my lantus for the evening and a bit more correction, but I’m just so concerned about stacking. I guess over time it will get better and I won’t be so nervous!

Oh and dinner was much healthier! No cookies! LOL