I dont know what to do


I’m glad sure-t work for you and others. You offered a valid suggestion.

I offered my experience, with no intention of talking them out of anything. Just sharing a different opinion.

The best thing about this forum is we can share our individual experiences. YDMV.


So are you using them in the same areas that you were having trouble with?

I used angled steel sets for a while when I was using the Asante Snap pump–loved it, but it was notoriously hypersensitive to occlusion. I was told that angled sets avoided any scar tissue b/c they’re inserting into a different layer. I guess the length of the needle with the Sure-T has the same effect?

FWIW, I didn’t like the angled sets because they occupied more real estate and were more uncomfortable and difficult to insert. I’m not needle-shy when it comes to injections, but those things were a pain. When Asante cratered I went back to my Paradigm and to standard Mios, and scarring didn’t seem to be an issue.


Totally agree with you.


My personal experience is after 2 days on steel cannula, the site starts to itch, giving signs that the body is rejecting the foreign object. With teflon, plastic cannula, this does not happen to me. I like using the inset II. It comes with the inserter. Very convenient and easy to insert. Click, it’s in.


Nickle allergy. Stainless steel is an alloy containing nickle. Steel cannula contains some nickle.



Yep. I had the same issues as the OP and sites. Still can’t use them after a 2 year break.

I started Afrezza for a short term pump break. At this point I wouldn’t go back.

But that is a personal choice, like everything else with this “needs hard work” disease.


Afrezza and lung cancer risk. From Afrezza site, excerpt:

Lung Cancer: In clinical trials, 2 cases of lung cancer were reported in patients exposed to AFREZZA while no cases were reported for the comparators. Two additional cases of lung cancer (squamous cell) were reported in non-smokers exposed to AFREZZA after the trial completion. These data are insufficient to determine whether AFREZZA has an effect on lung or respiratory tract tumors. In patients with active lung cancer, a prior history of lung cancer, or in patients at risk of lung cancer, consider whether the benefits of AFREZZA outweigh the risks.
Here’s the source. Scroll down to the bottom part to see the above quote.


I use Afrezza as well, though I couple it with Humalog because I find certain meals pair better with each form of insulin.

I’ve read through all the documentation regarding Afrezza and lung cancer, and I think the sentence below summarizes this risk very well. I decided to proceed with Afrezza anyway because of the convenience of using such an incedibly fast-acting insulin.


We own our bodies. We decide what’s best for us… or bad…


Everything has it’s risks. The conclusion on Afrezza and lung cancer is that the risk is unknown. Though multiple reports argue that there’s no reason it should cause lung cancer.

Anyone living in a city exposes their lungs to pollution everyday. Things that cause cancer are everywhere.


Just what I said. However, when you spin it as you did in order to make it sound worse than it is, you will get called out on it.

I have posted the FDA and clinical study links here enough to be able to paraphrase then pretty accurately.

The 2 cases you cite were heavy smokers with likely lung disease already. Combined with the other 2, the percentage is still below the general population numbers, meaning the FDA sees no more cases than are seem in the general population.

That is why the warning is made to people with existing lung conditions.

The fear mongering on cancer risk is a remnant of Exhubera, and the risk indications on Afrezza have continued to be lowered as Mannkind continues to submit studies to the contrary.

Don’t spread baseless fears. I can do the same with almost any drug you take. The only difference between medicine and poison is dose.


Correct me if I’m wrong but afrezza doent seem to be available here in Canada. I’ve looked into it because I hate needles so much. The only thing that concerns me is the effect on breath\and or voice. I work in musical theater and have to sing a ridiculous amount.


Hi @Joan10,

I have been diabetic for 54 years, and wore a pump for roughly 25 years. I did the same as you. I got lazy and would run a site for 5-7 days, or until it hurt.

Been there. I understand. Diabetes is never easy. Even when I have found “easier” methods of controlling things, I feel it should be much easier. It is a lot of work, even for us “chill” posters.

It’s not. At 57, my wife gives me my injections these days. Not that I can’t, but it makes life feel just a little bit easier, and she can reach my backside and buttocks.

But as I said, I take 1 insulin injection and use inhaled insulin at this point. I tried going back on the pump last October, but got infections and bad absorption. My numbers were all over the place.

I guarantee that every time you think you have it so everything just works, something will change again. You have to be vigilant.

But you can do it.

You did the right thing coming here and asking for input. Talk to others and build a support network you trust.

I am a certified diabetes paraprofessional. I became one to share my knowledge with people struggling. My wife became a medical professional later in life to use her teaching credentials to help diabetics. @Terry4 has vast experience and is a great resource. So is @katers87, @Eric32, and @Dave44.

You can ask for any help or advice you need here, or in PM if you want more privacy, and I will assist you. I am sure the same goes for the others I mentioned.

Hang in there. You are stronger than you think.


Correct. But if you PM me, I can put you in touch with the people that might be able to help. I don’t have the Canada timeline, but there may also be clinical studies going on there.

Otherwise, we will look at what might be good options for you.


Thank you so much for your reply!! Its nice to know I have someone I can pm on here who knows their stuff.


I’ve been taking Afrezza for 9 months and I haven’t noticed any change in my voice or lung capacity. I am not a professional singer but I do sing on a regular basis as well as public speaking. I tweeted Mike Castagna and asked if it’s available in Canada yet. If it isn’t I’ll ask him if there is a way for you to get it from the US.


I dunno what you should do, but I saw a psychologist to talk about taking care of all the other people in my life with chronic illnesses. I was getting totally overwhelmed and starting to have kinda serious stress reactions, and felt like I was venting too much to my friends. Diabetes came up because the therapist worked with diabetics in another respect. I don’t know if it helped, but it probably didn’t hurt. Diabetes is a downer.

Maybe you just aren’t up to dealing with the hardware right now. You can take a break from that stuff if you think you are cool with manual injection.


I had same issues. Went to Tandem recently and using Tru steel infusion sets, changing every 2.5 days and rotating triceps, lower back, thighs, and they are so much btter. Cannot bend of course!
I tried going back to MDI and hated losing the control.

Often seems that things look better when BGs gt better. The mind goes nuts when BGs are nuts!
Obe day at a time!


Thanks!!! That’s good to know.


you may want to try the straight needle sets. I know on the MiniMed it’s called the Sure-t. I never have a problem with them. All the pump companies have a straight needle set under different names. Just ask at the next order. Certainly no kinking issues. That would at least eliminate that stress.