I don't know why people cannot comprehed the basics about insulin dependent diabetics

Went to reg MD today cause I needed to get a note to give to my college professor of why I missed class . The reason I missed was because right before I was about to drive I was 70 ( morning time and no recent bolous ) I drake some juice and 20 min later I was still 70 so I know I had been dropping . Anyway this low sugar made it to scary to start to drive anywhere so I missed class . Told the medical assistant why I needed a note and she said I should have gone to the ER . People say things that are behond dumb !

And my response to the medical assistant was " well I’ve been diabetic for 22 years and I know that your not supposed to go the the ER if you are awake and aware . All you do is eat some pure form of sugar." she looked at me like I was crazy !

At my job, after extensive and protracted legal battles and arbitration of the employment agreement, there is a new rule:

"Employees must bring a doctor's note for any illness lasting 3 days or longer."

I have been trying to decode this. I've had T1 diabetes for 30 years. I have never missed work because of it. Does this mean I need to bring in 10947 doctor's notes?

Touches home I am between Endos and went to my GP to get some new scripts. “How often do you test?”, me “8 to 12 times a day.” nurse “Oh that’s to much.”. Then calling to get my blood work results ask about my A1c “Oh yay your diabetic, lets see. 6.5 a little high should be under 5”. I bit my tongue, my Endo before she moved had said my 6 A1c was to low for a newbie.

Your missing the point , it’s not about the needed note it’s about peoples stupid reactions to diabetes .My college requires a note for 2 or more missed classes

I guess the nurse has been reading Bernstein but missed the parts about testing :-)

I don't think I'm missing your point, I think I'm agreeing with it with an example from my work life.

I read your OP and it sounds to me like the real problem is, that folks who don't have chronic diseases, don't grok the implications of what happens when they say or write stupid things.

What pisses me off a bit, is that arbitrator made $200K+ in writing that stupid decision and now I have to figure out if I'm on a wildcat strike just because I haven't complied with it yet.

Well, good for you, marie, for being safe and waiting to get in the car.

I don't know why it is but more times than I can count I will randomly start dropping right when it's time to get in the car to drive to work. I've been late because of it more often than I'd like but I refuse to get in a car when I'm dropping. So far my employer has been understanding and never mentioned it.

Just think, if we went to the ER every time we dropped a little low...oh my.