I swore I would never use diabetes as an excuse and I did

Today I went to take a math test. I have an A in Algebra, an A on all tests and all assignments, and somehow I managed to flunk a quiz. Now I check my blood sugar before I take a test to make sure I am stable. If I am under 100 I won’t take it until I know for sure my sugar isn’t going to drop, I also have the CGMS to help monitor my sugar. I was good I was 110 and no arrows going up or down so I knew sugar was good. I emailed my instructor and told him my blood sugar crashed middle of test to see if I could get a retake. He granted it and told me to let him know if anything like that happened again. Now I do have disability accomodations set up through school that gives me an extra 5 days on all assignments and exams if I need it. And it is medically documented that I might need this time if I have a lot of highs or lows, so my instructors are aware of it. I just feel bad that I used diabetes as an excuse.

Why feel bad?hypoglycemia will affect your performance during exams if happens,other students do not get hypoglycemia!!! Congratulations on your grades Cody.Oh math is a great subject.

I wasn’t low when I took the test, my sugar was stable. And thanks for the congrats, I have an A in Anatomy and Algebra. Getting ready to write a term paper on pancreas.

The fear of hypoglycemia is worse…
Please post your paper on pancreas after you submit it…

I wouldn’t feel bad. I think most of us have pulled the card. It’s just a matter of time before it happens. My thought about it is something like: this disease can take and take and take from me some days, so every now and then, if it can give something to me (like a break on an exam, in your case), then I’ll gladly accept it. It’s obviously not something to make a habit of - I can’t recall the last time I pulled the card - but as long as you make the best of the second opportunity, you shouldn’t beat yourself up for it. Just make sure you’re prepared next time there’s a quiz :wink:

Hi Cody, if I’m understanding correctly that your blood sugar really was not the issue, then I agree that you messed up by playing the diabetes card. You can feel it in your gut, a lie is a lie, and not a good habit. But good for you for confessing it here to those of us who understand the temptation, and believe me, we do. We’re all human and make wrong choices sometimes, so let the icky feeling of having lied help you to learn not to make this choice in the future. Ask God to forgive you (He will because He loves you), and forgive yourself. If it’s not too late, call the instructor and tell him or her that your grade should stand as is. Then come back here and tell us how much better you do on the next test :slight_smile:

diabetes is a biological fact, not an excuse.