I don't want to have diabetes

Just putting it out there.

I think we all feel like this…but we must try to accept it and work with it.

I’m with you - I don’t want it too. Let’s start a petition demanding that we give it back …

We should go on strike. I’ll sign a petition. Hey, Lazy Pancreas: Start doing your job, Slacker!!!

I’m right there with you! Pass me that petition!

It’s a revolt – down with diabetes!!! :0\

Can I revolt with you if I still want to check my BS? After 27 years of grabbing my meter as soon as I wake up, I wouldn’t know how to act. Can’t teach an old dog new tricks!

Sure Kelly – we’re all going to take extra-excellent care of ourselves so we can live to fight diabetes another day.

We’re like the folks living underground in the Terminator movies, staying sharp and fit in order to be righteous diabetes warriors for the long haul, always staying one step ahead.

Watch out, diabetes! We’re coming after you when you least expect it – fighting every day to live to see the cure!!!

I wonder how many millions of people would agree with THAT statement! I’ve thought it more times than I can count, but never occurred to me to put it out in the open like that! :slight_smile:

I have repeatedly tried almost to the death to convince my body that the diabetes has gone away, but it’s never worked. One of these days I’m going to stop trying, and just accept it. I don’t believe I’ll live long enough to see a cure, but I need the support to just keep plugging at it, one day at a time.

Neither do I !

If I could take my son’s diabetes from him, I would glady have it.

LOL - lotsofshots – that’s a cute story about the roses.

I don’t remember asking for diabetes. I think if someone offers us diabetes, we should be able to say, “No thank you.”


I think Theresa has the ONLY good reason to wish for D.

I tried selling my Diabetes at a garage sale once. As the day went on, I kept slashing the price all the way down to a nickel, and I even threw in a pair of Yankees tickets. Still no takers. :frowning:

I try giving mine away. I tell people “It will last you for life, you’ll never have to get another diabetes from anyone else ever again!” Still no one wants it.

Theresa, you can give your son’s diabetes to me. I already have one, but who know? I can stick it in the closet – I might need a spare some day.

I really don’t want diabetes. I’ve had it for 55 yrs. and its gotten old. I wish they would find a cure so children and others who get this horrible disease can throw it away.

I do hope to see a cure…I don’t want any of my family to “inherit” my diabetes.

I dont want the sugabeeties anymore either. I tried giving it away for free no one wants it …Scott E that is funny i woulda just took the tickets if i didnt have this thing called sugarbeeties. LOL