Would You Give It Up?

I've heard this question numerious times. "If you could get rid of your diabetes, would you?"

I've dreamed of a day that I wouldn't have to take shots, test all day, not worry about what I eat or drink, not worry about complications. Hopefully, someday this will happen - I feel we are close and it's almost an unbearable wait.

And people say, diabetes does not define you - you have a disease - it does NOT have you - you all know the routine. But, as I ponder the "what ifs" of a life without diabetes, I hesitate as I answer.

Now, I'm not crazy - I'd love nothing more than to chunk all of my lancets, syringes, strips, machines and chalky glucose tabs into the nearest landfill and dance around the fire that consumes them. Hell, I may wear a ceromonial robe when I do it! At the same time, I have been diabetic for so long, I almost feel like a part of my identity would be gone.

It's hard for me to contemplate who I would be if I weren't diabetic, just as hard as it would be for me to contemplate not being a fine Black woman - it is just who I am. :) Does this sound crazy? If so, maybe I am running high and just need some Humalog, I don't know. But, it is still something that crosses my mind.

That was so eloquently stated. I can’t wait for the ceremonial robe…It’s scary to think of, isn’t it? Diabetes doesn’t define us, but it can define how we live on daily basis (if we want to keep on living). Having diabetes colors our entire lives --physically and emotionally. I like who I am. Would I be the same person had I not had diabetes? I’d like to think that having diabetes has made me think about the world and my place in it in a way I might not have otherwise. I don’t think you’re crazy at all. I mean, what do you do if you don’t worry about your BGs? How do you fill the time spent checking your BGs? I’m willing to find out, but I know exactly what you mean. At least now, I have an idea of what to do with all of the leftover stuff because I’ll join you in the bonfire.

People ask me that too. and my answer: No, I wouldnt give it up. As much as its a pain in the ■■■ and you have to watch EVERYTHING you do, it does have its health benefits. Im only 21 with type 1, a college kid, a very social college kid. Most of my friends are skinny with a huge keg on them…from all the drinking. They eat crappy food at all hours of the day, they hardly ever exercise, and some of them smoke. I consider myself one of the healthiest people out of everyone i know. The worse part is that they are building really bad habits at an early age :frowning:

so no, I wouldnt give it up because it makes me a healthier person in regards to living habits.

yes, I’d kick it to the curb! I blogged about this when the question came up a while back…


I’m not talking dollars here.

I had the chance for a pancreas transplant. I turned it down. I judged the price for that as too high.

If the study ever get started, I have the chance for beta cell transplant(s). I believe that the price for that is minimal. I will go forward with it, if & when the opportunity comes.

If by the wave a magic wand Big D would go away, you bet I’d say "yes’ It would a big change after 40-some years, but I wouldn’t hesitate.

It’ s a difficult question, I’ve been thinking a lot about that, but I think, hoping not to appear crazy, that diabetes has given me also something positive. I discovered who are my real friends and I found my real love. So I don’t know, yes sometimes I’d like to start a fire too :-))) But well, i wait till thew idea disappear :-)Take care,