I Finally Did It!

I just submitted my form to Medtronic for the 770g insulin pump. I realize that the cgm needs 2 calibrations per day but this is a small price to pay if it keeps my basals steady.(especially through the night).

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@Dee_Meloche Here’s hoping the 770g does the trick for you, and keeps you steady, especially while you are asleep! :slight_smile:

Thanks. Do you have a 770? I read alot of posts of people who are very quite happy with it. I use a dexcom and a 630pump. and I am looking for a better algorithm to help me manage. As it is I wouldn’t become eligible to get something like that until 2023. That’s too long to wait for better technology.

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Just a reminder. When I was using the Guardian 3 CGM with a 630G, you were required to calibrate every 6 hours for the first 4 (I think) calibrations immediately after the initial sensor warm-up. Calibrations were every 12 hours only after this roughly first 24 hours of more frequent calibrations.

I assume this was because the sensor had still not reached a sufficient equilibrium and needed more frequent calibrations to stay on track. I found this annoying, sure. But my primary goal was to be able to trust my CGM results so I just worked with it.

Maybe it will be different with the 770G. I have not seen any feedback about this from 770G users so I just don’t know one way or another.

No, I use the OmniPod (older version of PDM with the glucometer) and currently the G5, but I’ve been building a stock of G6 for when my G5 supplies are depleted.

I’m thinking I will move to OmniPod Dash or Tandem Control IQ. I’ve been on the fence with this for at least a year, but the older OmniPod is no longer an option for me as the formulary for 2021 has changed, so I need to make a decision.

I had a tslim but I used it for 1 week and had to return it as some of my basal rates are below the minimum basal on the tslim. I was getting too many lows. It was supposed to make my diabetes management easier but it was doing the opposite. It was a bummer. I use Fiasp and my doses are low so am sure I would get alot of occlusions. I just submitted my form to upgrade to the 770g. Medtronic looks like they are headed in the right direction with their 770 recieving remote updates when better technology is available. I normally would have to wait a total of 5 years to get a new pump.

They are working to change that. I listened to a podcast of Sean Salmon V.P. of Medtronic and he said the next generation of cgm will be an easy insertion, 1 calibration first day and it won’t require any overtape. We’ll see!

With the caveat being that the next generation is most likely during the end of 2021. Or later. :disappointed:

Yes, we’ll see. But I expect it’s going to take some time. Especially so as the world has other first priorities at the moment.

Yes, I am sure that there will be delays on progress. Very promising technology.

Is omnipod in development of a closed loop system?

Out of curiosity, what is the minimum basal rate on Medtronic pumps?

Starting with 530 pump, .025.
Older pumps .050.

.01 is the lowest basal. I have an unusually low basal. I have .025, .050 & .075 basal rates on my pump.

Let us know how the new 770G and sensor works. Tandem and Dexcom need competition.

I sure will! I hope Medtronic’s guardian sensor works well for me. I am very excited to start on this system.

I don’t know the answer to that, but if I had to guess, I’d say yes because it seems everyone is headed in that direction.


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I truly love the 770g. I hope you do as well.

Note I am a Medtronic ambassador. My opinions are my own. They did not pay me to say nice things. OK, they sent me a shirt and a cup but even I am more expensive than that.

OMG! You took the leap. Please let me know it goes.
People have been suggesting I get back on closed loop and I’m just a little nervous.
But, I’ll consider it over the next couple of months.

I will keep you posted. Right now I am battling sinus problems and my bloodsugars have been out of whack so it’s a good thing I will have some time to wait before I get it and training for it. I am very excited for this pump as I won’t be eligible for a new pump until February 2023. I am sure the 780 will be approved before then, even with covid. Now I won’t ever have to wait 5 years for better technology. Once the 780 is approved the pump will automatically update itself. Pretty neat, huh? I hope things work out for me.