I finally have looked around the site!


So, I recently started working at the American Diabetes Association...okay, not that recently..I suppose about two months ago. Fortunately, I love working here--it has been a wonderful experience. I recently graduated from grad school and received my M.S. of Communication. Oh I miss those college days! Not having to wake up early, far less responsibility..those were the days! Not to say that my days at the ADA aren't filled with excitement, they certainly are. I typially work with Magazine Advertisers and try to get the word out about diabetes. It's definitely a fun and rewarding job..I just want to thank everyone for the warm welcome to Tudiabetes.com, I hope to be able to blog more and keep you updated as to what is going on at the ADA!


Tressa - congrats on your job! I’m sure you are having a blast. I work for a real estate magazine and have to deal with advertisers too. They can drive you nuts, but I’m sure it’s worth it for you. :slight_smile: Good luck!