Hello tudiabetes community!
I’m new here, and just wanted to introduce myself. I’ve had type 1 diabetes for 35 years. I have two kids - one boy and one girl - and a husband. I am a nurse and certified diabetes educator. I recently took a new job as the Program Coordinator and Faculty for the brand new, online Masters program in Diabetes Education and Management at Teachers College Columbia University ( I also have a website/blog ( and I’ve written a book about diabetes that I’m hoping to get published soon. I’m looking forward to finding my way around tudiabetes!

Howdy! I think we’ve already met. Glad to hear that your willing to share with us. Me and you could tell some storys huh? I got mine 2 years b/f you.

Welcome to the community. We need your insight, experience and guidance. Let us know when your book is available.

Welcome Jane waves


I read in your Blog a Link to the ADA… I have to admit, I 100% disagree with them… I lived with there guidence for so many yrs of my Type 1. And what happened, I never got better. Dr’s always blammed me. Well when I found Dr Atkins Diabetes Revolution, I was Born again, and with Type 1 I finally felt liked I found a answer to what would help my BS, and guess what it helped in so many ways. I think the ADA, is bound to make us sicker,and keep us that way, and thats just my feelings.

Welcome to here, I am sure you will learn lots and be able to help so many:) and congrats on your book:)