Great Day

Well today was an awesome day for me. My doctor is starting the lab work and working with Animas to get me on the insulin pump. Medicare requires certain labwork done before they will approve me for it. He is also working with Patten Medical with getting me the I-Port in case I don’t get the insulin pump. My doctor told me he should hire me to work at his diabetic educator as I am always showing up with research on something that is diabetic related that I want to try. I went to the gym today, first time in 2 weeks I have felt up to it. My body wanted me to quit after 15 minutes on the ellipitcal trainer, but I pushed myself through the wall and did 60 minutes on it. On my way out I casually mentioned to the manager that I would still be interested in the job they are advertising. I put in application in 2 months ago when they first put it up and they never called and then they took it down so I didn’t say anything about it, but it was back up today. So now I start working part time tomorrow. I will be working from 5 a.m. to 10 a.m. two days a week and possibly picking up some other shifts when they need me. In addition to that I got a website job I will be starting this week. So now I get to juggle working at the gym, working out, school, the website job, doctor’s appointments and I have to meet a “life success coach” once a week for school. He asked me today how the heck I found time to do school work this week as busy and as sick I have been, but it is all about time management. Oh and I also told him about tudiabetes and the blog I am working on to get a scholarship. He said he doesn’t understand how I find time to do it all and get sleep. I don’t let diabetes slow me down one bit.

you know what… reading this blog made me cry… “I don’t let diabetes slow me down one bit” … because on my part…it slows me down, since I have diabetes I don’t understand myself, I am always confuse and not myself most of the time… though in front of my friends and family I always wear a smile…
thanks for this blog, you are a tough woman… hope I have a bit of your toughness!!!