I found out my a1c today

It was 6.7. (:

Good job, Gabby!

I am not sad about my a1c, I am very happy about it!


Nice job! I just found out mine was 7.3 after being 11 for the previous six months (and pretty much awful for the past several years). That huge change came after two and a half months on the dexcom and really watching things closely and taking initiative to change my life. You go girl! As my nurse practitioner said after she got my a1c, YOU ROCK!! :slight_smile:

WOAH! CONGRATS GIRL!! That is amazing!!

Well done Gabby


That is really good. From my endocrine md it is my understanding that under 7 is good. If mine get below 6 I turn into a stumbling drunken sailor without the alcohol.

Haha, it's all good! Thank you soo much! :D

Thanks Lloyd. (:

I see!