I've officially joined the < 6 club: 5.8 A1C


Just came from the endo with a 5.8 A1C. First ever below < 6 since I was dx’d 1983!

My Dexcom Clarity reports have been showing me below the line for a while now, but disappointingly my actual tests always come in in the low sixes, so I’ve kinda told myself it’s no big deal, just a number, low sixes are great, shutup. To the extent I wasn’t even thinking about it today, especially since end of winter results are usually the worst anyway due to less exercise, metabolism, what have you. So it really came as a surprise when she came in with the news. Seriously, 36 years and I’ve never never never done this. Yippee!


Congrats! I know it’s “just a number” but I like to take full credit for any good numbers and dismiss the bad ones as simply data.

Is there anything you can see that helped produce this number? Maybe it is simply persistence.





Way to go…I’ve been plateauing in that 6.1 to 6.4 range for a few years and will take inspiration from your success.


Well done!


Welcome to the <6 club. Great work.
I have been 6 or under for the last seven years,
I will admit that the last two years I have been stuck at 5.9, lowest earlier was 5.6
But I will take it.

Keep up the great numbers. Congradulations.


@DrBB Congratulations and welcome to the club! I’m so happy for you; you’ve worked so diligently and it’s paid off! We should get jackets :slight_smile: or for the sake of this online forum, a badge of some sort! :wink:


welcome to the “5’s” club!! I hope I can stay in it. I’m usually around 6.1, but was surprised by a recent 5.4–I hope it wasn’t in error.


Congratulations! I’m at 27.5 years and hoping to join you one day!


It took me 40 years to get to 5.4. LOL!!


Congrats and in my experience, once you get below 6, you’ll be able to repeat the experience.


I suspect it’s not persistence so much as Jardience. Also a relatively snow-free winter, so more bike riding than usual this year. But with a big assist from Jardience, which I started at 5mg last September, then upped to 10mg in Nov. Since it’s working so well my endo wants to up my dose from 10mg to 25, allowing me to back off my basals some more and hopefully lose some weight.


A lot of us surely remember that for a very long time you weren’t supposed to get these numbers—anything under 6.5 when I was on MDI would get me a lecture about too many hypos (not a problem on R/N, when just keeping it under 7 was an accomplishment). Even today my endo’s first reaction to my “Yes!!!” was “So you’re ok with that then?” But when we looked at my Clarity report she could see it wasn’t the result of a lot of low excursions. It’s really all about the CGM now.


Interesting side note: we talked about the CGM thing a bit. She said she’s trying to get people using one right from the get-go at diagnosis, but it’s not always easy. She has a new patient, just dx’d at age 20, not symptomatic but for some reason at his last physical they did an A1c and it was over 6, so they had him back for another, it was pushing 8. Young, lean, athletic guy, so really pretty clear, though still waiting for antibody tests to come back. Anyway, she wanted the guy to start with a Libre but he was very resistant to the whole diagnosis, a lot to take on, not wanting to start insulin let alone get hooked up to some blood sugar device. Kid’s about to go off to college, all kind of overwhelming. She asked about DOC websites and I told her she should definitely urge him to come here as being very welcoming for a newbie. Lot’s of FB groups, too, of course, but from my experience of the ones I participate on that would seem like diving in at the deep end for an absolute beginner. Whereas this place seems a much easier on-ramp to enter at your own level.


Congratulations !!!



Well done!! It probably took me 50 years to get a sub-6 A1C, and it’s a huge accomplishment that takes 24/7 effort. Don’t ever let someone tell you differently.

Of course we all have a little bit of the competitive spirit, so the next threshold is 5.5 :hugs:

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Congrats! Like my doc says…you work hard to get these numbers.


I am also a long timer and even with my pregnancies many years ago I wasn’t under 6. Close but never under. Maybe one day but I am ok with anything 7 or under! But great job to everyone who gets it done everyday. True role models to those of us striving for better!