I get my accu-chek spirit pump tomorrow

dose anyone have any experience with accu-chek spirit pump?

Hi, Rachael, I’ve had Accu-chek (Disetronic) pumps since 1990. I’ve had the new Spirit about 2 years, I think. I really like it. I love having the back-up pump in case of malfunction, which thankfully, seldom happens. I have always used Mini-med infusion sets with these pumps. You will find their customer service to be perfectly wonderful, and seldom a long wait on the phone. Another person who’s on TuDiabetes regularly with the Spirit is Kelly Rawlings. I can’t wait to hear how you like it!

i have had the mini med 722 for 2 yr and have not been impressed with the company. so now i am switching they have been awesome. i called them last week and just wanted to find out info on how to get one and bam mine will be here tomorrow talk about fast. i cant wait to start they have been awesome.

did you get the Palm Pilot too? If so, I would wait until after the time changes on Sunday to set that up. It has the bolus calculator in it. You can also use it to gather all your numbers from the pump and up to 2 meters for reports.

i should be getting it soon. the palm is on back order so i am getting the pda smart phone. i will wait till after Sunday that sounds like a plan forgot about the time change

Rachel-Did your insurance give you any headaches about changing or are you doing this out of pocket. I made the change from Deltec to Minimed in May and am regreting it. The 722/CGM is fine but the company has worked very hard to make sure I can’t trust them. My life is in their hands 24/7/365 and I don’t trust them at all.

I didn’t realize there was another 300 unit res out there. Now I am so invested in MM that I am not sure when I will be able to escape without a huge investment out of my pocket.

Let us know what you think of the Accu-check.

I had got my mini med one in aug of 07 my private insurgence paid for it so i have only had my pump 2 yrs. i am switching because the accu-check has 315 and has a lot of other features as well i have not had much luck with help from mini med. and didnt even find out about the recall till way way late and figures i used that set and couldn’t figure anything out and then my last set of supplies it took over a month to fill.

I had not a problem at all i called week ago just to get some information they said lets run your insurance and see what they come back with. i am on the state insurance at this moment and will be getting private in feb2010. we figured that wed have to restart everything when that happened but much to our surprise no questions asked. I can give you the lady that i have been working with they are awesome and supper fast. they can run it and see what they can do. they also have financial aid i guess you could say they give you 1500 towards the pump, if you are not on a state or federal health plan and dont have cigna. if you would like that info please let me know.

so far i have been very impressed with all the support they have given me.

Ok, thank you! So far I think I am stuck with MM because I just got their CGM which is built in to the pump. It took 2 appeals to get approved and I am not sure I want to rock that boat yet. Also I have to complete 2 more surveys as part of the Deltec conversion deal. Depending on the outcome of the current issue with my account, I may switch early. My insurance used to have a switch every four years policy, so we will see.

Thanks for your reply.

no prob most still do as the warranty are 4 yrs.