Starting my pump today

The day has finally come! After staring at the huge box containing my shiny new Accu-Chek Combo pump for over a week, I have my training in about two hours.

I must say, the reps from Accu-Chek have been amazing. They did all the legwork getting things approved through insurance extremely fast so that I could get the $2000 discount that ended in May.

I'm both a little nervous and extremely excited to get away from MDIs.


The training session I attended was excellent, hope yours is too.

All done! My trainer was amazing. Everyone involved is starting to think I’m type 1 now. My insulin resistance seems to be very low. I’m having a c-peptide test tomorrow so we should know soon enough.

I have been researching for a while and thought about the accu chek combo or the animas. Almost all the videos are about the animas ping or medtronic tslim. What type of inset did you get. Please let us know how it goes good luck

So far I have been actually on the pump for 3 hours and everything is cool.

I didn't actually look at any other pumps other than the Accu-Chek. Mostly because I was using the Accu-Chek Expert meter (It's the non-pump version of the meter that comes with the Combo) So moving to the Combo was actually pretty easy. I knew how to use the meter already for bolus advice and so forth.

I'm using the Accu-Chek UltraFlex sets. I didn't feel it go in and I don't feel it at all. I kind of have to pat my tummy to find out where it actually is.

My first mealtime bolus was perfect. 105 pre-meal, 110 after. On MDIs I'd usually drop below 90 after meals. I guess the new carb ratio is spot on!

My doctor gave me that meter too. I am hoping he was not pushing for that pump only but If it is a good pump I will be happy. I just started on the MDI pens so it is getting old fast.

From what I have read, after getting my pump already of course, is that the Accu-Chek holds its own against other pumps.

If you're already using the Expert meter, you're already partially educated on using the pump. Instead of hitting 'OK' on the bolus advice screen and injecting the insulin, you hit 'deliver' on the meter and the pump starts pumping.

Apulo, glad you're enjoying it! I've used their pumps for over 25 years, and I've never had a problem with their customer service, or their technical assistance hotline. My most recent experience was getting the Combo. The trainer came to my house twice and was so amazing, I felt compelled to write her supervisor a note. She emails me occasionally to see how I'm doing, and has offered to accompany me on my next endo visit.

+1 on the suggestion to get the 360 software and the Link Assist. I really love these Ultraflex sets too. the adhesive is not a large area, but they really hold well. make sure you do a good job of rotating sites, I did not at first, and got some nasty scar tissue.

Apulo, I see that you're here in the US, and have an Accu-Chek Aviva Expert meter. I thought they weren't available in the US. How did you get it?

I'd like to get one as a backup for when I'm doing MDI for one reason or another (pump vacation, difficulty getting my next Omnipod order filled on time -- just went through that, A/BC and Insulet spent 3 weeks pointing the finger at each other, and nothing moved until I demanded to talk to A/BC's legal dept, which, 4 hours later, 3 complimentary pods were on their way overnight, and my regular 90-day supply was shipping the next day).

There are ways to purchase one overseas and have it shipped to me here in the US, but I don't know if the UK or AUS version can be set for mg/dl instead of mmol/dl, and from what I've been able to find, it's just not cost-practical going that route for something that is more convenience rather than necessity.

Still, I'd like to get my hands on one, if they're available in the US. Where'd you get yours?

The Expert is available via a sort of test program in the US. I was lucky that my doctor was participating in the program. From what I understand there are less than 100 participating doctors in the country.

The big reason that the Expert isn't available in the US is that they can't give it away for next to nothing like other meters. It actually cost $250 that my insurance was willing to pay for (thankfully).

So the answer is, I got lucky.

I guess i got lucky too because i got mine on my first appt with my endo doctor. I have not heard anything from insurance so i guess i am safe. Before I was using a diabetes app called mydiabetes (android) and it had a insulin calculator in it plus alot of graphs.

Looks like my insurance approved coverage for a Dexcom for me also. That'll be handy!

congratulation. I find it really helpful with trends

Day 3 - Set change and I'm still loving it!


Truth is, they can give it away just like any of the other meters, at least from a financial standpoint. In the big picture, the unit cost to manufacture the fancier meter with color display is marginally higher. Razor/blades revenue model still works just as well.

I have no doubt the obstacle here is the FDA -- again.

I hope you like your pump as much as I do!