I got a new A1C today!

OK everybody I know this isn’t the greatest A1C I’ve ever had but 3 months ago I was at 9.4 I think or it was .1 now it’s at 8.1 and I’m tickled pink with this one! If I keep this up I will be back down to 6.4 on no time!!!

You can do it!

Go Girl…
congrats, DA!

Wow. Great leap in just three months time. Keep it up, Doris!

THANK YOU THANK YOU ALL (Taking my very gresious bow!) HA!!!

way to go Doris…

You go girl! That’s one big thing I love about online communities - it’s sooo much fun to celebrate the victories.

Way to true!!! You folks know what I’m talking about when I say A1C…Try my hubby or kids when I celebrate that it when down!!! It was funny when I told my son-in-law…he said “Don’t you want it up to 8 or 9 point something?” I just looked at him and told him as far as an A1C went the lower the better…And he’s married to my diabetic daughter and his father was a diabetic too! His dad passed about 3 years ago now! Ppl like my hubby and him really get on my nerves when they say they know all about diabetes and come up with a line like that!!!

Good Job Doris! Put your mind to it and you will bring it down.The mind is a very powerful thing!

you go girl! Keep it up!


Yes the mind is a VERY powerful thing and I’m planning on keeping it there! Thanks to everyone who resopnded I’m PROUD of me for a change! HA!!!

AWESOME, Doris! Congratulations.

More than a 1 point drop! Keep up the good work…

Thank you guys!!! Only a fellow diabetic knows this feeling!!!

Sounds like you are on the right track. At 6.4 you will be able to Tango in no time :slight_smile:

Great job Doris, I know how much work goes into a good number!!

Excellent! It’s not about the number, but about the trend. And you trend marvelous! (In my best Billy Crystal ‘Fernando Lamas’ accent)


I’m like Karen on that one…laughing…your great! I love Billy Crystal!!! And Fernando Lamas is one of his greatest!