I guess this is a matter of opinion I put this to diabetics to see if I am rude or not?

I guess this is a matter of opinion I put this to diabetics to see if I am rude or not? In an effort to see if people know about the big D I ask this question “Since this is diabetes awareness week what do you know about diabetes?” I get all kinds of answer that have the same meaning always. If the fat people would lose weight the diabetes would go away. Of course this hurts anyone feelings and it no longer makes me mad so I reply “What about the skinny ones, young children or even the athletes that are diabetics?” Well that is when I get a comment like “Wow you are rude amongst other things.” I thing that the TV needs to have commercials that have kids and athletes with diabetes and adults that are diagnosed later in life with LADA or Type 1 and people just need to be educated in grammar school to start off with. In my area they have free class once a month here at hospital for free it is placed in the paper for all to attend and that is all that can be done is to offer the information but it there is a class on it in school one day the masses will have some idea on it and other things can be in the class as that is when kids learn the most. You will find that I am passionate about this idea and I only wish to help people learn the truth about diabetes not just what is thrown out there.

Huh… I don’t find that offensive at all, unless the verbal way in which it was communicated carried some kind of tone to it, or something. I can’t see how someone would think that that was rude. But people are odd… C’est la vie.

As read, the questions doesn’t seem rude to me.

Maybe people are reacting to how you ask . . . or maybe it’s just who you ask. Do you know these people?


Some I do know and some I do not. It is more like they have no idea that is it anything diabetes or they do know and not concerned.

take a look at http://www.steveredgrave.com/home.html. some would say hes not to shabby with an ore. he’s on the telly trying to sell eye surgery. i doff my hate to the nice chap

as for being rude i dont think you are. the peeps of this world like to think they know everything so when you gently inform them that other sizes sexs races ages EVERYONE can get it.so they get the hump with you.

i always ask the same question and the other things come from them. What is the funny part is lots of them have a diavetic in their family because I have had a few of the family members come to set me strigh on the Diabetes education and then they find out that I am a diabetic as well just asking a homest question is all and them we become friends and they go back and tell the origanial person the facts.

Rude for pointing out a fact? I realize American’s don’t like to be corrected because we feel we are exceptional in all things, but calling you rude for pointing out the flaw in their logic seems a bit rude in itself.

There needs to be a public information campaign. It sure wouldn’t hurt with encouraging people to be screened. I had a co-worker say something hugely ignorant when we were talking about diabetes. The idea that T2s are T2s as a result of lifestyle is a hard one to beat back. We may take different roads to get here, but at the end of the day we all have issues with glucose control. Untreated, the end result is the same.

Keep up the good work. You aren’t rude at all. If you were to ask me, I’d say you needed to carry a bigger stick. Incorrect answers to be met with punishing blows to the head and neck area.

haha beat it into them well probably still not understand.

I dont think “What about the skinny ones, young children or even the athletes that are diabetics?” should offend someone, is it possible that the way you put it is some how charged? Possibly it makes them feel you are challenging their understanding of D. But, certainly to simply point out that something exists contrary to what they think shouldnt be offensive.

I do think we need to start a campaign against the TV shows and media to put the word out that T2 isnt a lifestyle choice, but rather, a genetic disposition that can be effected and triggered by environment. Although, Id be curious to know how much each of us knows about alzheimers, malaria, lower repertory infections, or other such diseases? D isnt the only kid on the block with misconceptions and unawareness. Im thinking grammar school education, unless it covers the bulk of diseases that effect people is a tad excessive.

I know when I was in school the 6th grade had a class called health they could put some info about many things not just diabetes. If nothing else just a few basic facts that may help lots later in life and help many in school that are a dieabetic. If they can have comericals on tv about how to accept gay’s they can do it for illness’s as well.

If there was educational or promo materials that showed what diabetics looked like, we’d see people of all ages, sizes and shapes. I’m tall and slim, and people are surprized when they see me checking my blood sugars. People are surprized when they see me eating an apple strudel or some other tasty treat. “What! You shouldn’t be eating sugar!!!” is common, even from my diabetic peers.

There’s a lot of misunderstanding about diabetes, even within the diabetic community, so it can’t be unexpected in the non-diabetic community.

Hi . No that’s not rude. There are a lot of sterotypes towards diabetes. I’m type two and weigh 110 pounds. Ok so how did I get type two ? Humm its not all about large people loosing weight it happens to various types of people, I’m an example of that. I agree that more needs to be done to break these stero types.my own doctor even said to me humm how did you get diabetes your young and not over weight. I just looked at him. Diabetes doesn’t discrimnate.

I Agree!

I SHOULD be asking people this Duck …so I can shock them when I tell them I have diabetes and they see how thin I am. I think they would probably than ask me if I am anorexic (which I am not and never have been) and than probably still get mad because I will have embarassed them that they don’t know anything real about diabetes and I made them look stupid. :slight_smile:

I tend to get too talky about things like that though - I would become Miss Motor Mouth and start explaining all the genetics and such and scare both fat and thin people away. Or hopefully the more intelligent people who want to learn the truth would be interested in learning from me. I think alot of people just don’t want to hear about it because they don’t want to think about that THEY might diabetes someday. They are afraid to talk about health related things in general.

Maybe we need a display or something on a show? Like “pick the person who has diabetes” - and have a variety of people one being me - I am pretty sure no one would pick me and most people would pick the most overweight person. So sad.

You go, Realsis! :slight_smile:

Me too. 5’4" and I weight 100 lbs ( well, last time I checked I did - I don’t like the scale - too many people have panic attacks over that thing). I know I look thin - but honestly you can’t see any of my bones or my ribs - I think I look fine - I have never been one to go by the scale. And I still got plenty o’ tummy fat that just won’t budge an inch! LOL!

Maybe I should wear a shirt that shows that visceral fat off so I will comfortablely fit into peoples “stereotypes” - “Oh look she DOES have some fat.” …oh ok. she CAN be diabetic than…Geez.

(nah. don’t think I’ll be doing that! LOL!)

Phil, yep, I would definitely think that some of what you said was rude. But then again, what do people know about diabetes?
My own family knew nothing until it was me.

I guess my approach is a little softer, I have the post cards from Manny, and tell people that this is Diabetes Awareness Week, and we are just asking people what they know about diabetes? I give them a card, ask them to take a peek at us, ask them if they know anyone with diabetes, and then if they’ve been tested, and explain what the test is like…I’ll bet if they all go, the hospitals and doc’s office’s should give me a kick back on the blood test charges lol! But God bless ya for doing the PR work, most people DO think it’s a fat person disease. Bringing athletes and kids into the pot, makes it a little different.

awww, man, i was gonna buy you a midriff shirt that said “Juicy,” on it… like you so many people wear. hahaha

Ok I generally do not contribute my writings to anyone anywhere ever because that is just me but here is one that I will share for now as most who hear them thing that they are to dark.

Diabetes is blowing in the wind like dust and pollen you never know where it is going or where it has been it picks and chooses without any discrimination short, tall, overweight or thin it is not limited to religion or the color of your skin diabetes now that I know you I take care of you and embrace you as a dear friend one that will always be there and never leave me till the end

Here is a message to all I am not bitter at all with diabetes I am upset with all the medical people involved for years that never found that was the problem and then it has caused lots more problems in life.

" If they can have comericals on tv about how to accept gay’s they can do it for illness’s as well."

Really, this just boils down to how much money you have in your community and what the goals are. I would imagine acceptance is a main goal for the gay community. Thus spread awareness to gain acceptance. For PWD, goals are all over, e.g., a cure, T2 origins, T1 origins, better insulin, transplants, awareness, etc. When we have money in our community its got 50K places to go.That said, I do think the media needs to get some things straight on D, but then again, a lot of PWD carry these same incorrect stigmas about T2. Hell, Docs go around doing the same thing. Look at Realsis77s post, next page, her doc questioned why she isnt fat or old.

As for health class, some breif info is good. But, then youve got to cover the gamut of diseases. You can toss in all major diseases that kill or cost millions in the Western world. Thats good with me, hell they do it for religions now. But, there is two sides to this, you either teach all major diseases, or none. Because once you do one disease, then all other advocacy groups will require their disease to be taught as well. Which is cool, well just have a new class for 6th grade called “diseases and you”.

Im not saying we should somehow limit awareness, Im just saying we need to pick our battles wisely. Maybe we should worry less about being called fat and more about educating PWD who dont control their BGs well or dont understand themselves how come their skinny and have T2 (just an example mind you).

Hi I’m a thn t2 at 110 pounds. I just think its a sterotypical comment that only fat people get diabetes. Again diabetes doesn’t discrimante.