I had a strange problem when I changed the PDM batteries

This is the first time in 4 years that I've had this issue. I changed the (second generation PDM) batteries and the PDM reset the clock and then gave me a message that I had to deactivate the pod. I called Insulet and was told this is very rare. I was forced to replace the pod and everything seems to be working fine, but when I try to bolus the PDM tells me it cannot do the calculations for me until 3 hours from now. I can bolus but I have to do the math myself. I also lost all the data (not the settings, but the BG data, bolus data, etc.) that was stored in the PDM.
Has anyone had this problem?

Same thing happened to me. They replaced the pdm and all was well. So I don't know how rare it is. For awhile there, I had to time the battery replacement with the expiration of the pod unless I wanted to lose a perfectly good pod. When I called, they immediately diagnosed it as a faulty pdm and sent a new one, and I sent back the old one.

Interesting... Thanks!

You shouldn't have to go thru all those settings changes each time you replace a set of batteries. I would call back and ask for tech support. I'm pretty sure the first person who took my call had to transfer me to someone else. Tech support is more familiar with this problem. I would be surprised if they didn't offer you a replacement. Also ask them to replace however many pods you had to deactivate early because of it.

Thanks for the tip. I'm wondering if there are other users out there with the same issue...

we had this happen i believe two times, real pain in the but, did you have to reset with a paper clip or something in the back? my son hates problems related to D when things are going well he is happy, obviously he was not too happy when this happened! luckily it is rare i am hoping my sons resilience will be very great when he is older d/t to all this adversity! i guess i would take resetting his PDM over DKA or a devastating low. putting it all into perspective helps, many blessings! amy

Insulet didn't say anything about using the paper clip to reset the PDM. I didn't think about that. Thanks for reminding me. Hopefully this won't happen again. :-)