New PDM Error

Has anyone received any errors on their new PDM? Yesterday morning I was turning off my new PDM and the next thing I knew the screen was resetting and I got a PDM error. It told me to change my POD and contact Insulet. The batteries were getting low and I’m not really sure if this is what caused it or if I did something when I was trying to turn off the PDM. Has anyone else experience this? I really don’t like the home and power key being the same.

Yes, this happen to me on Sunday twice, and lost 2 pods. On both occasions I had to reset it and lost all the settings. I had to call Insulet and they replaced the PDM and the two pods too. Call Insulet and inform them about the pdm error and they will replaced it quickly with the pods. If a were you, I will call now!

Not on the new PDM yet, but several times on the old PDM when the batteries were on the low side, but not so much as to give the warning yet. Were you able to reset it in the battery compartment like the old one?

Just out of curiosity, how low was your battery? I’ve been using my PDM since the 2nd and am still using the batteries they came with and it just yesterday went down to saying that half my power was drained. This is much more life than I usually got out of the batteries on my old PDM and I’m concerned that it may start dropping faster now (unless it’s really going to give me 6+ weeks on one set of batteries). How low was your battery when it started having problems?

I called Insulte and they are replacing my pod but not the PDM. I wrote down the date the PDM error happen and if it happens again I’m going to have them replace it. Tony, were your batteries low?

Yeah, the reset button is in the battery compartment. This happen to me at 7:40 AM after I got back from my walk and the PDM wouldn’t calculate a bolus until 11:09 AM; it was a pain.

The bar was low but I figure it would do like the old one where you would get the three lines. That was when I changed the batteries on the old one. I started using the new PDM on June 8 and I was waiting for the three lines, guess I need to read the manual on replacing the batteries maybe it will tell you when to do it. Rebecca you may want to go ahead and change your batteries. I hate for this to happen to you.

Nop, batteries were just fine. When this happen I was just starting to use the PDM for the first time. That happen to me on the second day of use with the first pod.

This happened to me one time. I am not sure if it was the same scenario, but it kind of reset and told me to change the pod immediately. I called insulet (luckily they were still open) and they told me that it was some sort of static problem. The pod still delivers the basal insulin, but you can not bolus. They told me to poke a paperclip inside the PDM, if you look inside the battery compartment there is a little hole that is the reset button. It saves all your information luckily.
P.S. This was the old PDM…

I just changed my batteries for the first time yesterday. I did notice that the battery signal was still at half power when it started giving me some strange errors trying to test my blood sugar. It suddenly dropped to what looked like nearly empty and at the end of the day I changed the batteries and it was fine again. No pod problems but I’m wondering if the meter errors were due to the battery. I can’t complain though, I was just shy of a whole month on one set of batteries and I was working them pretty hard.

Hmmm. Meter errors. I had three in a row last night - so annoying to waste strips. I’ll have to check the battery status.


When this happen to me the pod was still delivering insulin but the PDM didn’t recognize the pod. It lost contact with it and wanted me to put on a new pod. I thought that the old pod was deactivated until the next day, when I should had change the pod, and it started beeping at me wanting me to acknowledge that it was time to change the pod. We remove the batteries from the pod for my father-in-law and hadn’t done it yet on that pod. I was going crazy because I thought my PDM was defective and couldn’t find where the beeping was coming from.

The funny thing with this PDM I change the batteries on June 24 and like a week later the PDM was showing the the battery life at 1/2. I just downloaded my info from the PDM to Co-Pilot and it is now showing an almost full battery. These are not rechargable batteries. Not sure what to think. I’m wondering if I have a defective PDM.

On the new PDM.
I had a PDM Error when one of the buttons got stuck. I have changed the batteries out when they were low WITHOUT losing a pod! The PDM came right back up and resumed functioning as normal. The pod was brand new and I had just started it up got got it inserted and had forgot to change my low batteries during the pod change. I thought for sure It would kill the pod and I would waste one but nope ran like champ!


Did you get an error message, or did it just fizzle out? I have changed batteries before while a pod is in use - no problem. But I have never been able to recover from a “PDM Error” message.

I was able to recover from the Stuck Button PDM Error but it kinda of freaked me the my new pdm had errors 2 all but it has not happened since so maybe Button got stuck when it was in my pocket

I remember the first time I got a PDM error - the night before Thanksgiving. I was completely “freaked” out thinking Caleb would have to be on shots for the entire extended weekend with carb counts I was clueless about. I was relieved to see a paper clip could do the “reset” job nicely and all the settings were still saved. “Whew.”