I had an about an hour of normal glycemia today and it was breathtaking

I know this sounds stupid but I had about an hour today of feeling dead perfect. I was in a great frame of mind (very unusual for me) and felt like I could conquer the world. I don't get this kind of feeling but once in a while. It was unfortunately short lived by eating lunch and going back to hell. Normal glycemia is so under rated its not even funny. Anyone who does not have diabetes has it made. Happiness = normal glycemia. Everything else seems to have little relevance.

I'm happy for you that you had a little moment of happiness :)

Thanks... The goal is to have that feeling 24/7 and our only shot is through an effective treatment, Some form of transplantation, not insulin injections. For now I have to continue suffering but I will eventually have peace one way or another.

Have you tried Bernstein's technique ?

You wish him many more hypoglycemic episodes?

Way go go Gary! Try to string a couple together!

I suppose people who are in excruciating pain similarly appreciate their pain-free time. Just take the good times when you can get them, no matter what your situation.

Ahhhh those short lived healthy blood sugar states…I know what ya mean…even if ur starving…u know tht ur not guna b in tht “happy almost normal place” and it makes ur awesome lunch…not as awesome…lol I actually has a consistant avg of 100 for about 4 hrs one day. I felt like I cld move mountains. lol