LOL does anyone have a medtornics 723 pump with a CGM?

I am soooooooooooooo upset with this piece of junk pump! It keeps saying, LOW predicted! I just had a warning, approach low predicted at 62, I check it it is 115? Stupid pump! Oh , there is a couple other things, but now with the other zillion things I see wrong with this pump, I forgot? Thing alerts me like every 10 mins, for some stupid reason.
If I drop dead, oh well!
Saves them money
I should just go back on injections! Oh well, never had as many problems as now, on injections!
I am rarely stress out, beep beep beep, now what! Boy am I glad I dont have a wife:) That would constantly keep nagging me, take out the garbage, make you bed, clean your cloths, clean the bathroom with a toothbrush!
And they changed the voice prompt when you were on hold at … from, "your life will be so much easier on the pump"
Not if you go out of the house all upset, and get into a car wreck, because of this pump. I would throw it out, but then I would have to figure out what type, and how much insulin I would need, oh well I guess stay with this ever so nagging mess!
It would be great if someone had some thoughts about the paradigm 723 with a CGM? HELLLLLLLLP_PPPPPPPPPPPP

I do not know much about pumps, or the American way of measuring blood glucose levels, but 115 does seem reasonably okay, but perhaps it is detecting that you are on the way down so to speak and that you need to deal with it before it gets too low!

I know your feelings about technology. Sometimes they do wonderful things, but when they start to do things we do not expect, or malfunction altogether, it is really frustrating!