I hate it!

I hate my diabetes. I really do.

The company I get my pump supplies through never billed me ever in all 2 years. I go to reorder supplies last month and now they say I owe just under $500. I told them they cant let me die and that they will give me my supplies AND send me a bill so I can see what the heck went wrong. They send out the supplies, but no bill.

I get a letter in the mail stating that all balances must be paid in full unless other arrangements have been made before any supplies go out. WHERE IS MY BILL?!?!

so i havent been testing or changing my sites, taking care of myself in general.

went to the endo, 9.2% a1c and I weigh 205 according to their scales (10lbs heavier than mine)

yep i busted into tears. I cant do this anymore. im in the middle of a full blown diabetes burn out crisis and at this point I cant afford to live, let alone be healthy.

I just dont know what to do. my parents told me “well eat less and you’ll be off insulin”… my own parents, Ive been type 1 since i was almost 11… thats just shy of 13 years! Oh wait, thats right, you never wanted anything to do with this because if you dont know about it, your daughter is still “perfect”… well guess what? ■■■■ YOU FOR NEVER BEING THERE FOR ME THROUGH ANY DIABETES EVENT IVE HAD!

I just want this to end so badly right now.

Sarah, I hate to hear you sound so frustrated. My heart is aching for you, I understand how you feel (especially about the parents part). Go outside and scream like a banshee. Beat the hell out of a pillow. Do something that makes you feel better, no matter what it is and take care of you. I am sending you a virtual hug right now!

I hate to see fellow diabetics going through such heck, especially in this economy. Let it out, that’s why we’re here! Just be sure to keep healthy and take care of yourself =) hugs for you

call to those people back till they answer you! It’s okay! You’ll get through this! We’re here for you! Maybe send your parents a book on diabetes or something, or a long letter about your anger.

We’re with you, girl. Here are some resources, so you can take care of yourself right away:
-Please email me (manny AT tudiabetes DOT org) your mailing address so I can get you some strips that will help you in the short term (I have a backup meter and some strips that you can use).
-Check out these resources, so you can try to get back on your feet in terms of your insulin and supplies ASAP:

Ohhh my dear Sarah…how I wish I could be there right now, to be a mom for you, to let you cry in my arms…you’re my son’s age. What to do…Could you contact your branch of the ADA, le least they could offer is suggestions?? How about social assistance? A church? A charitable organisation? How about talking to your doctor…some do give you meds when you can’t afford them, even if it’s only temporarily. Do you have a family member you could talk to…brother/sister/cousin etc who could talk to your parents about forking the bill…someone who could open their eyes to the reality of diabetes and that your very life depends on insulin.
In the meantime, stay connected with us…and vent ALL YOU WANT…we’re here, and we’re listening…luv ya, linda xxoo

I have been through a lot of what you are going through when I was in my twenties. I was getting billed for two pumps when I had one. Full price for the virtual second which I had to fight for years since there was only one. The pump’s price would have been more than I paid for the car I owned in my twenties. The company kept saying things like, “Don’t worry. You can pay us in installments” until I finally contacted a lawyer. I also had weight problems both ways. Way to underweight and overweight. The no fat craze was popular in my twenties thanks to Susan Powter’s book, “Stop the Insanity”. She said to lose fat, don’t eat fat. I cut so much fat out of my diet that my toenails were painfully splitting. It was the most work I had done to lose weight and I was heavier than I had ever been in my life. Please do not do a fad diet. Everyone needs about 30% fat in their diet. I understand hating the diabetes. It is easy to get depressed when you are trying hard and things are still not working. Please know that a lot of us are feeling similar frustrations with this disease. I hope things go a little better for you in the next few months.

Oh honey, am so sorry. Until you get this crap straightened out, can you get some syringes & insulin & do it the old fashioned way? Maybe some freebie insulin from your doctor? So tempting to throw in the towel when the anger & frustration are unbearable. Diabetes is such a pain in the ■■■ even during less aggravating times.

Please don’t let that supply company & your parents stop you from being good to yourself.

The parents. Can’t even imagine how hurtful this must be. Got a dose of this from my sister recently & it had me in tears for days, but that’s nowhere like being a child with no support. Awful:(

When I can’t take it any more, I turn on the shower & scream at the top of my lungs. Need to try Suzanne’s suggestion of beating a pillow. I’ve got a target in my yard & certain people’s faces have been the subject of my arrows. Am the world’s worst bowler, but I’ve gone to a bowling alley just to try to knock pins down. Doesn’t always work because I’m a terrible bowler.

Sarah - I can feel your pain - there are times all I could think was how much this disease so totally sucks, & how i hate it. the frustration your pump company is putting you through is beyond belief. Ii hope you realize that we are all here to support you & do care about how your life is going - we all realize no one is perfect, we’ve pretty much all been “unperfect” in the dealings with our diabetes, also. Do know that i care about how things turn out - I wish I could be next door to pour you a glass of iced tea ( or whatever), and just let you vent to a sympathetic ear. Don’t let your A1c get you bummed - in the midst of all this stress, i think you would have to expect a higher result than normal. Call your pump company tomorrow - ask to speak with a supervisor. Request a bill or itemized statement from them, & explain your understandable shock in being told you owe such a large amount when you have not ever been billed before. Let them know how pissed off you are at the way this matter was handled. Most companies, i think, are willing to set up a payment plan for their customers - face it, you are way important to them to continue using their pump & ordering their supplies. know that i care, and all of us here at the site care. let us know how you are doing, and what happens with everything. Like Suzanne, I’m sending you a virtual hug right now!

It is amazing how sometimes the people who are the closest to us say the most terrible things. There comes a point in life when it gets all drowned out. My thoughts are with you. Take care

Let it out girl! Damn!

One of the toughest parts of diabetes, in my opinion, is that it doesn’t end. I can warn you against taking time off from diabetes: it’ll totally catch up and bite you in the ■■■. I was hospitalized a month ago because I tried to take some time off and do without (thanks to insurance issues).

It’s kinda like credit card debt…sucks hardcore to pay off your debt, but the penalty fees that come with not paying are a ■■■■■ too.

I can relate big time! I am so sick of this frickin diabetes! Know that you are bigger than this stupid disease! You will conquer it! Together we thrive! Keep going - you will survive. That pump co is a joke! They need you more than you need them. Go back to injections if you can. I did. I am just as well off and it is more affordable

:)) Hang in there and email me anytime.

Sarah - I’m so sorry to hear what a hard time you’re going through. Being the victim of merciless pharmaceutical companies and misunderstanding support systems – what an awful situation. I’m glad you could reach out to the tudiabetes community though - I’m sure you’'ll learn you’re not alone. I defiinitely have days where all I can think about is wanting the frustration to end. But my friends remind me that those are jsut days, and they do pass, onto better ones. Please know you are not alone and to the extent possible I feel your pain! I spend most of my anger on health care bills and absent parents … it is an awful feeling. I’m truly sorry to hear you’re going t hrough such pain. Reach out (virtually…) anytime!

I am all out of hugs but I will lend you my middle finger to throw at this situation.

One thing that can really get into you is your own family not really caring to understand what you’re goint through. I’m sorry to hear about this. It may not sound appropriate for me to say this, but you can’t appreciate rainbows until you’ve learned to put up with the storms. The way I see it, you are going through one hell of a storm. I will never be able to completely understand what you are going through now. But one thing I know. It should get better. Just keep at it!

(P.S.: AFAIK, any creditor should be able to produce a bill/proof of debt. Otherwise, you are legally not liable for that $ 500 thay say you are. Get mad…and GET EVEN…)

I am a lefty too, AND I have a crazy parent! Be sure to tell your folks that one day you will probably making decisions on their health care (nursing home, etc.). That may bring them around.

Sarah, let me guess. This is Medtronic/Minimed? I had a similar occurrence about 5 years ago and I told them that I would report them to the attorney general’s office in Massachusetts. Net result: I didn’t pay and they continued to ship me supplies. This was one of the several reasons that I didn’t get a Minimed pump when that one was done with.

They can’t retroactively bill you. Call you attorney general’s office and see if how they can assist you. It’s amazing what a call from an AG will do for a company. Also check with your insurance company, the amount they’re trying to bill you may not be allowed by insurance company rules. For example: if they sent you $400 worth of supplies and the insurance said the acceptable amount was $300 and your copayment was $25, the provider cannot bill you for the difference between $400 and the $300 that they were reimbursed.

If it’s not Minimed, please let us know which company. Because the chances are that someone here has a similar experience with whichever company it is and may be able to help out.

I’m sorry things are so bleak right now. I do know that you’ll make it through this because anyone who’s lived with diabetes for 13 years can make it through anything. Let us know what happens.

I just noticed that you’re in the Cozmo group, so it can’t be Minimed. So who is it? I may have some spare Cozmo supplies, drop me a private note.

Luckily, my doctors gave me back up supplies. They also sent a prescription to a different supply company so I can get my stuff from them and deal with Henry Ford Health Products on my own time. I appreciate everyone who took the time to read and respond- after that new low last night I decided I need to fight back twice as hard because I will not be defeated!

Just popping in quickly to say Good Morning....and that I hope you'll have a good day. You are in my thoghts and prayers. Hang in there sweetie. Also thought of an ombudsman....someone who can speak in your behalf. Cheque the yellow page. Perhaps a Better Business rep? Also....how about a pharmacist? Luv ya.....linda.