I HATE One Touch Strips

Personally I love the One Touch meter–loved that I could see a graph of my averages with no PC sync required right on the Ultra Smart’s screen! The only errors I’ve ever got was when I didn’t get enough blood on there–bad prick, little effort put towards ‘milking,’ in a rush; my fault entirely.

I had one meter where the slot for the strips was too thin, but when I refilled my script and bought the next box of strips my pharmacy game me a new meter, free of charge.

Heck, the One Touch Ping! integration played a (somewhat) major role in my choose to go with the Animas pump!

Doesn’t your Animas Ping pump setup work by using the remote meter (ping) which uses One Touch? That’s how my Animas pump works with it’s remote. I don’t understand how you have a choice of what brand to use - please explain.

When I open a new bottle of One Touch strips, I put half of them in the old bottle and they are easier to get out. Because the bottle is treated, I only add half to a bottle once then throw it out and when I finish the other half in the new bottle, I put half of the next one in, etc. I cycle it that way and they are much easier to get out now that the vials are smaller. However, they do stick together and I’ve not found a really good trick for solving that yet. So far it’s just been patience.

I think for anyone who has used lots of One Touch strips in the past, the new ones are the best yet.
Very little blood needed, and rare to get errors unless you just do not start with enough of a drop.

I totally agree with you. We get a lot of errors and I have tried to figure out why they put them in backwards. Are there any other strips that are better that can be used with the ping and other one touch devices.

im not sure why you are complaining about the strips when alot of your concerns amount to what looks like user error maybe?

as far as them being upside down, huh? the side that goes in the machine is at the bottom, the side that collects blood is at the top, and i have large hands and never had a problem. if you were to grab the machine side of the strip it may get dirty and have more chance to fail i wonder? maybe this is why you have errors if you are grabbing that side of the strip?

personally i feel that waiting five seconds for a BG result is not a big deal, anyone remember peeing on a strip and waiting for a minute was it? or was it 3? and calculating what range your sugar was according to a color code?
wow that was over 25 years ago…

i am seriously thankful for the advances in technology that we have to help with this disease, and have never really giving much preference to one meter or one strip or another. they are all basically the same ■■■■/different color imo…

excuse me for my bluntness but thats my story and im sticking to it! all the best! :slight_smile:

Actually what I was remembering was that the One Touch used to use a pretty darn hefty drop of blood.
The new Blue strips are speedy and nothing compared to the old days! The meter I had the most trouble with, on vacation no less, was the Bayer that used to have a disc in it and the darn thing was supposed to turn and release a strip but it didnt want to!

Sorry for the late reply - been traveling. The answer is, I mostly bolus directly from my pump - I don’t need the meter for that.

Ha, Ha - I totally understand the patience thing. Don’t know if I said this earlier, but when I open a new bottle, I take them all out and turn this upside down - so the blood sample strip is not facing up. It’s easy to ruin one if hands are even a tiny bit wet. I AM going to switch meters - just don’t know which one yet.

I disagree…there are LOTS of ways to get an error with One Touch strips…

We’ll just agree to disagree…thankful for advances, yes. Does that mean we should not be vocal consumers and push for me, no - at least not in my opinion. And, Tudiabetes is somewhere I feel safe in coming to and expressing MY opinion. That’s my story…

Yep, we all have different experiences.
But I truly never have One Touch errors.
I just simply dont.
Unless my finger isnt dry and I have a real watery blood drop, which causes the strip to be unhappy.
Other than that, no errors. And I am using a Ping Meter, a Mini meter and an Ultra.