One touch ultra Link

I got the new One Touch Ultra Link meter a bit ago and i’m finding out that I really don’t like it! It sounds like it would be great (it sends the number to you’re pump for those who don’t know :slight_smile: ) but it’s just more of a hassle! The meter is huge compared to the one touch ultra mini that I had been using. I also don’t like that it only has a certain ammount of time to store the number in the pump. I’m usually really slow about getting my meal ready and the number’s usually gone by the time I put in the carbs. Maybe I just like complaining but I think it doesn’t save that much time and I miss my little pink meter! lol

Does anyone else have this meter? If so, what are you’re thoughts on it?


Thanks for posting this as my meter is still in the box, unopened. I still have quite a few of my freestyle flash strips left to use and that meter is no longer in production. I would lke to see other responses as I am leaning towards not getting my next supply of strips for this meter.

I am disappointed about the size of the kit that the new meter comes in. It should be smaller.
I have it here (plus the new USB thingie) but I am still using the old meter until I run out of test strips. We are not slave to the actions that Medtronic Minimed takes.

I have one,and since I used the one touch ultra before my pump, and was totally dissattisfied with the BD meter (three dead ones in six months), I don’t mind it, although found the ultra a bit easier. since , my insurance prefers their strips—it works–hoping to win my appelaon the CGMS, so it will become less an issue

Katie, I agree with you on all your points! I also wish the Link had a backlight so during the night I could see the screen!

Karen, are you saying that the freestyle meter is being discontinued ?


So far I like mine alright. I was using the BD meter before and hated it. I don’t have it turned on to read to my pump though because it messes up the CGMS readings. The only thing I don’t like it the size of the bag it is in. The BD meter bag was slightly smaller. And I switched out the lancet device to the Accu-Check Multi Clix cause I like it better.
The best thing about it is that is is a cheaper co-pay on my insurance that the BD strips, so I am not complaining about that!

i have been using the one touch ultra since they came out,i totally hate the BD coz theyre giving me false values… i have two BD’s and none of them worked so i bought a mini ultra which was great but then when the minimed ultra link came out i have been using it since then coz i think they work good…BUT the only thing bout this is that I wish they put in a backlight so we can see the numbers during the night when we’re testing…

aside from that, i think its great…size is a lil bigger but it dont bother me…


Yes the freestyle flash is being discontinued.

I can’t believe the freestyle is being discontinued, is there a reason for this ?



I have recieved my One Touch Ultra Link as well. Did you not use the previous BD Link meter? I agree the thing is a lot bigger than I thought it would be, but it still uses the same test strip as my One Touch Ultra Mini and One Touch Ultra Smart. I hope you still have your Ultra Mini, if not, go to the One Touch website, they are giving them away (if you qualify) and you can use the same strip as the Ultra Link.

As for the numbers staying in the pump, I know what you mean. I wish they would hang out a bit longer. Good Luck, and hey, the Ultra Link does have some good features like tagging your readings with comments and pre and post meal flags.

I am not sure, but when I was at the diabetic expo they supplied me with a free freestyle lite and stated it used codeless strips, so I believe that is a new marketing tool, Codeless Strips, geesh that is the least of my worries.

You will notice when you use the One touch ultra link (or any other good meter) that your numbers are going to be different. The BD meter was nice in that it required alot less blood, however the results were usually off by 20 points or so. This is one reason why Medtronic got rid of it. While using the BD meter I had my highest A1c, granted that may have had nothing to do with it but after I started comparing the results between the One Touch Ultra and the BD-The BD was history except for uploading my results. Now we have the very nice USB link.

I still have my one touch ultra mini and im thinking im just gonna switch back to that.

I never used any other BD link meter. Ive been on my pump for almost 2 years now and i just heard about the meter that works with your pump at my last endo appointment. Are the BD link meters the same as the one i have now?

I agree with you Katie!! The meter case is huge! It’s difficult to get it out of the case…no backlight. However, smaller lancet device…it doesn’t make sense! I, too, miss the little pink mini! It’s for my daughter, Claire, who’s 6!

I know the makers mean well, but no backlight?..that’s going backwards.

Just curious as to why you would take the meter out of the case, especially since they put in the very nice plastic holder without covering the face of the meter. I do agree that it is large. I think one nice feature is that it takes AAA batteries instead of those lithium batteries that cost 10 times as much. The no backlight issue is probably due to the fact that they figured you need light to prick your finger, draw blood and insert the test strip.


If your using the link you can always cheat and look at the reading on your pump. Here in Canada we have a Bayer ContourLink. I wish we had the Onetouch as my plan covers those strips for a higher amount. So if someone doesn’t want thier OneTouch Ultra Link let me know LOL.

I am right there with you. I had been using a One-touch for years, when I started pumping I switched to the BD link. It was a smaller blood sample-- and if it only went 2/3 way down the strip- you still got a reading. The new One-Touch link is ok- bigger blood sample and I get more errors-- but the batteries are the same that I use in my pump. The INS Co likes the strips better as well- It was always a fight to get the BD refilled. Two weeks ago in the Sunday paper there were manufacture coupons for One-Touch meters worth $20.00-- (This week it was accu-check), a girlfriend of mine cut out 6 and gave them to me. Walgreens was having a sale on the Minis last week ($14.99) and I picked up 6-- total cost $0.00. So last week I was the meter fairy- I have 1 in my desk, 1 in my car- and extra upstairs – just in case I forget my linkable anywhere-- I gave the 3 others to T2’s in my life.

I agree that it is huge! I haven’t used it yet, since I’m also waiting to run out of my old test strips for the B-D Link (which you still only stores for 10 minutes b/c of the way the pump is set up. I guess b/c you’re blood sugar can change that quickly. The size is irritating, the one I have is smaller and has a smaller case than even the ultra mini from one-touch, which I think is still huge. I am excited to use the new meter and the wireless USB “thingie” despite having to get a new purse to hold everything.

Plus…why can they make iPods the size of a quarter, has more technology in it, and less cost but meters and still ginormous!!

Let me know how your appeal goes on the cgms…I am currently appealing mine with BC BS Thanks Bob