I have a friend that might have diabetes 1.5!

I am a type 1 diabetic but a good friend of mine was told she has type 2 diabetes, and it is very hard for me to believe that. When she was diagnosed she had the flu, and blood poisning. Her blood suger was 148 at that time, and I don’t have alot of faith in the hospital that she was in. She is a small girl, about 105lbs and eats healthy. She is only 20 years old and because I am diabetic she has been asking me all about what she needs to do, and I am not quite sure because I really don’t believe that she is actualy diabetic. I have suggested that she get a second oppinion but she is having to wait because the millitary is taking care of everything, or so they say. The hospital let her go with not insturction. I am having her check her blood suger on a meater I gave her and she is taking medacation twice a day. I am at a loss of how to answer all her questions. Has any one had this happen before to them or know of this happining?

I believe age 20 is a little bit early for type 1.5. It might have been a temporary hiper during a flu etc. Type 2, I think it’s impossible for her to be type 2.

BTW, what are the BG values she is reading at the moment?

She should have a c-peptide test (to see how much of her own insulin that she is producing) and a test for antibodies (GAD antibodies, islet cell antibodies). As Ozgur suggests, keep an eye on her blood sugars. If she is type 1 or 1.5, she will start to have really high blood sugars eventually (above 300)… but hopefully she can get the antibody test before that happens!

It is possible to be thin, healthy and type 2. But I think that she is in good hands with you… just keep checking her blood sugar and try to get those blood tests! Keep us posted on how she is doing.

The B.G. of 148 isn’t very high…was this a fasting test?..does she have any other symptoms?..since she is checking on a meter, how have her sugars been?..IF she does have type 1, the medication (which I assume is something like Metformin), will not work for her, and if it is type 1; her blood sugars will indeed continue to climb…All the best, Linda from Canada.

I was diagnosed at type 2 at 25 but I am not type 2, I am type 1.5. We have found that over the years my beta cells have been slowly killed. My latest c-peptide was 0.8 after having one 6 months ago that was 1.59.

I now have Type 1 but was first diagnosed with Type 2 at 25 years of age, had the flu, lost 20 lbs and had all the other symptoms- urinating, thirst, etc, etc. I had always been in the fitness industry, weighed 105 at the time and ate very well. Anything is possible! BUT I went to 4 doctors until we got on top of it. So, yes, second and third opinion is necessary. Diabetes wasn’t in my family so that threw everyone off. Now, what I got is more common. They think it was a virus. This all happened 13 years ago. Have her keep getting answers!