Diabetic with 100 level?

My sister went to the doc today with some major issues. One of which they say she could have diabetes. Her level was only 100, but she had tons of protein in her urine. I don’t think I’ve heard of someone being diabetic with a level like that. She is going for a fasting test in 2 weeks. Is it possible she does have diabetes? If so, can you please explain this? Thanks for all your help!

The bottom line is that at this point although there appears to be some kidney dysfuntion, we don’t have enough data to understand what is really going on. Definitely time for some bloodwork, and she may not be diabetic at all. You know the drill, they will look at a number of things (A1c included) so in the meain time my thoughts and prayers are with you, and let’s wait and let the experts tell us what they think the root cause is. Please keep us posted.

Love Always
The Anonymous Diabetic.

thank you! it helps to hear words of encouragement!

Hi Sugarbabie— Sorry to hear about your sister health concerns!

Is your sister with you? Perhaps you could measure her blood sugar 2 hours after eating and see what it is. Might give a better idea if it could be diabetes.

Kristin- that is a really good idea! I did that with my brother who had some T1D symptoms. He’s just hypoglycemic which runs on both sides of the family. My dad functions like a normal being at 50 or 60. haha.

unfortunately she is about 500 miles away =( which makes this all a little harder.

Yes, she should request a glucose tolerance test.

she’s going in 2 wks for that. they’re more focused on her other problems with her liver and possibly kidneys right now. that was my thought as well!