I Have Been Assimilated

I know, bad reference. Groan if you want to. ;)

Just started my Omnipod experience this afternoon. So far impressed, and looking foward to much better control of my 45+ year Type 1 diabetes journey. I started the evening by dining with friends, and right away mis-calculated the carbs I took in, so I've correction bolused twice already tonight. Gonna have to get better at carb counting!

The rest of the night I've been trying to coax Co-Pilot into reading my PDM, but no luck yet. I set it up according to all the advice here and other places. I get no error, but when reading the PDM, it always returns zero results. It did read my settings and plans so it did get something. Just no log info, with carbs, insulin and BGs. Frustrating. Especially since I'm an IT expert. Getting late, so I may try that again tomorrow.

One other bump I hit so far, is the first Pod that I attempted to fill, with the aid of my Doctor's education professional failed. The pump wouldn't allow insulin to go in. So we tried pump #2 with perfect results. Slapped the little guy on my upper arm and started pumping! I was pleased with the ease of the insertion with it's speed and feel. Wasn't 1/2 of what I expected. When I tore open a demo pod few weeks ago I was amazed at the strength of the spring loaded in these little pods for the canula insertion. It did feel nearly as rough as I would have expected. Much nicer than a normal insulin shot even.

As I got ready for bed tonight, it felt strange that I didn't have to give my normal PM long acting insulin shot. I feeling I'll be very glad to get over.

Anyway, thanks to those who have posted so many trials, tribulations and support here in these forums. These little bits of information really helped out a LOT in getting started on my Omnipod experience.

OK, figured out one wierd thing with CoPilot. It won't read "today's" info. Only yesterdays and past. I got up this morning and tried it again, and it finally showed data. But only data from yesterday, and did not show anything I just did for Breakfast. Oh well, at least I know now.

Glad it's going good for you! I had an issue with CoPilot also but it's working like a charm now.

There are a lot of friendly people here willing to share their info and help...I love this site!


Welcome to the group. It is a learning curve to be sure, not just carb counting but the mechanics of the pod. Good luck on your journey and yes you won't miss the shots.