I'm pumping!

As of 7:15 this morning, I am pumping insulin with the Omnipod! This has taken two years of wrangling with my medical group because they didn't have a contract with Insulet. They now do and it was smooth sailing from there.

I want to thank everyone who encouraged me to hang in there and assure me this was the best decision I could make for myself.

I just had breakfast and all I had to do to take my insulin was press a button! What could be easier.

And I am really happy to say, the insertion into my abdomen didn't hurt at all.

Congratulations, Linny!

Soon you'll be an ole'hat at it and encouraging others to hang in there or to do this or that.

Awesome, I remember that exciting feeling a few years ago. "That's it?" when the first insertion happened, the freedom that goes along with the POD and not having to bring "the kit" everywhere I go, that first meal bolus with a few button clicks, and not having to remove clothing to find a spot to inject. Ya, I was pretty excited and am still happy.

Don't get discouraged if your numbers go a little wacky in the beginning, just take good notes of the carbs you're getting to make fine tuning by your health folks easier. Once your ratios are figured out , which may take some time (a lot of trial and error for me), your BG levels will get much better. Over time and by taking notice, I've figured out what types of foods or specific foods require minor bolus adjustment's, a little more or less than PDM suggests or if you need to use the extend option (it's steak or roast beef for me).

Again, congrats. Plus, there's lots of help from the good folks on this site that are eager to offer suggestions and answer questions.


Yeah, I had an orthopedic appointment today for a bum shoulder and told the doctor no way are you giving me a cortisone shot on my first day of pumping!

Congrats Linny. The first few months can be interesting, so stick with it and know that the outcome only gets better and better and better and....

i'm so happy for you
keep it up

Congrats, Linny, and welcome to the ranks of the Pod People!