I have diabetic neuropathy

in my left foot i am scared, i found out last wednesday, does anyone have any info on this please

no first hand knowledge sorry

have you talked w/ your doc about this?

You want to try and get your BS in tight control so you can either halt the neuropathy or even reverse it. And by tight control, I don’t mean A1cs in the 6s – shoot for the 5s. There are some supplements that can help – Alpha Lipoic Acid will help restore your nerves. I used to take Vitamin B for the pain but you want to be careful with that because too much Vitamin B can actually cause neuropathy.

There was a recent article in Science Daily stating that it takes about 3 years for the nerves to restore themselves – it is not an overnight process!


Sorry to hear about the Neuropathy Martina. I was in the same spot back in 1999. That was a crazy year and I wasn’t paying attention to my Diabetes much including appointments because we had so many other inportant things going on. So again, I was slammed with “Looking after your Diabetes is important”.

I had the Neuropathy in my left foot also with the numbness and Bad pain when I tried to sleep at night. I brought my A1c’s down to the lower 6’s and they’ve been there most of the time since except for some 5’s in the past few years and recently. It was in the lower 6’s that I reversed the Neuropathy but if you can hit the 5’s, even Better. You can do this also. You are Very close. Healing vibes to you Hon.