Neuropathy in my feet

I have a question for all smarty pants out there. I was diagnosed Type 2 on April 4, 2013. Since my diagnosis I've dropped 62 pounds!! And my A1C has gone from 12.9 to 5.1. My question is about neuropathy in my feet. My feet feel like they are asleep or tingling all the time, and I have a heightened perception of pain if I step on something or bump into something with my feet. Will this EVER go away, or is this just my lot in life???

I gained control of my blood sugar soon after diagnosis. My a1C went from 13.2 to 5.6. But my neuropathy symptoms continued to get worse for at least 6 months before things turned around. It's now 4.5 years since diagnosis and my feet are still getting better. It's been a long time since I've felt any pain but feeling is still returning very very slowly. Here's a blog post that explains why recovery is so slow.

Congratulations on taking care of business and getting things under control!

Neuropathy is one of those tricky things that is different in every person. In some people it will get better quickly, others not so much.

In any case best of luck with your continued success!

I have read in several places that improved control may temporarily worsen neuropathy symptoms as the nerves heal. Note the last paragraph in this post
(Please be aware that the person who wrote this is not a doc.

My understanding is that neuropathy does not reverse. But that control can help stop it’s progress. After saying that.i have fairly numb feet and a nerve conduction (felt like I wad was being electrocuted) showed significant in my hands also. I couldn’t tell my hand had it

Andy T1 59 years

Hi MB. You did a really commendable job. Not everybody improves drastically in such a short period. Due to the long exposure of high blood sugar you developed neuropathy, and let me tell ya it is completely reversible as long as you take good control of bg, rather tight and from the stas it looks it is tighter indeed. the progress of reversal could varry from person to person. I was hit by neropathy sometime bak in last May when I didnt eve know what it is, but later turned out it was Neuritis instead. I also suffered the tingling n that pain that idn't let me sleep. But it improved, tingling stopped but it isnt't completely reversed yet. In my case it is due to the erratic levels.
But out of my experience I'm telling you this you gotta be more patient with this.. with those numbers you will get better soon. just be patient n continue your maic with D.