I have reached the 50 Year Milestone

I think I can now say I have had Type 1 for 50 years. I always say Diabetes was natures 18th birthday present to me as I was diagnosed just before my birthday & remember being in hospital for the day itself, which was the end of February 1961.

I think I’ve been very lucky, my only side effect is retinopathy in my left eye, right one is still fine. All the others aches & pains are probably as much due to old age as diabetes.

My outlook has always been “obey the rules & then you can be free of diabetes”. I never let it stop me doing anything, even spending my University summer breaks hitching around Europe, I got some funny looks when I pulled out my syringe in a youth hostel. I’m afraid in the old days of glass syringes & metal reusable needles I only bothered to boil them once a year or so! I don’t remember sharpening needles, maybe the UK National Health service gave me enough replacements.

I always tell everyone that I have diabetes, friends & co-workers so they know what to expect. most people are interested & happy to help if needed.


Congratulations on a healthy anniversary!!


And include yelling it of the roof tops !! Fantastic :slight_smile:
Many more birthdays/anniversaries to come your way …

joy to the world you are !

Way to go Annabella!! These veterans’ stories are fantastic. I’m glad you have survived and done well!

Congratulations and many more to come!

Congratulations! I’m working on my 53rd years.

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Thank you so much everyone for the good wishes.

So true, I am also truly inspired.

Congratulations and stay positive.

Congrats and Respects :slight_smile:

Congrats on your wonderful milestone! You’re an inspiration to us all. ;0)

Thanks for sharing! This is a great reason to CELEBRATE!

I will celebrate for you. Isn’t amazing that prior to the social media like Tu Diabetes. We had no idea of survival success. Thanks so much for inspiring and sharing with us.

Happy 50th D-Anniversary Annabella

I’m Happy that you made it to this day and are still healthy. Good for you and Good job. Keep up the Good work.

I’m afraid in the old days of glass syringes & metal reusable needles I only bothered to boil them once a year or so! I don’t remember sharpening needles.

Wow! Since we were little when dxd., my Mom always boiled our needles and syringes every use and Dad sharpened the needles about once a week. I hope that you didn’t get any infections from not sterilizing them. Sorry that your 18th wasn’t very pleasant.

Well done, Annabella. You have probably cheered and inspired a lot of us with your words. Thanks.

Congratulations! You’re an inspiration to us all!

I haven’t applied for the Joslin medal yet, I am about to send in the forms. Like you I have no official documentation of diagnosis, but I do have letters from 2 of my cousins stating that they remember the diagnosis clearly & relating it to something else to prove the date. I know it was my last year of school & I was studying very hard for my A-Levels (this was in the UK), I missed a lot of school & spent the Easter vacations catching up.

No, no infections. I’ve only ever had 1 infection & that was after I started using disposable needles. The doc said it was probably nothing I did, & told me a legend about a hobo who had T1, usually injected through his dirty clothes, was hospitalized & got an infection. As I sais a legend.


You are officially my new HERO for the day. (I seem to find new heros on TuD!!)

Actually, with an accomplishment like that you may retain that spot for a very long time.

My bg is a little on the edge of high right now. But you’ve inspired me to take a short break and take a quick 10 minute walk to get the mail. Thanks for the nudge!!