I Judge How Others Eat and I Can't Stop It


Interesting post but the original post was about T2’s not T1’s


I confess, I am a bit “judgey” in my head of the other Type 2 diabetics (that I know of) in my office, who might test their blood sugar once every two or three days, eat sleeves of crackers, and other high carb foods. But then I remind myself “not your business”. I don’t like family who try to “police” me, I’m not going to “police” others. I am, however, available to share with them what works for me when they come to me to ask how I manage my diabetes, and they see my weight loss from choosing a low carb healthy fat diet with intermittent fasting (I am not on insulin). I do caution that I am not a doctor and they need to discuss with their doctor if they want to get on a similar strategy to try to take control their diabetes.

My ultimate goal is to eventually be off of all diabetes medication (currently Metformin and Trulicity).


Thank you for the reply. I agree with you 100%. You said it much better than I did. I would never voice my thoughts, it is just that - thoughts. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and your willingness to help others - if they ask.


I try not to worry about what others are eating, I’ve been on the other end of people telling me how I should be eating too many times, I wish people would just mind their own business. Besides, I was thin, active and ate healthy and still got diabetes.


Thank you.