Watch Me

At multiple points in the life of a type 1 diabetic, annoying individuals will try their darndest to control the diet(really, not knowing anything at all about diabetes).

I do not respond well to these occurances.

“But the doctor says you shouldn’t eat that! It’s evil, it has sugar!”

Sometimes I ignore them and eat twice as much just to show them I don’t care a flip what they think. (aka “Watch Me, I’ll do as I please”) Sometimes I attempt to explain, to no avail. Sometimes I just leave it alone entirely, pissed (like right now) off at the entire world and food Nazi’s in particular.(and eat that sugar free jello they made)

And other times(aka last night), I wait till everyone has gone to bed and then proceed to make a refridgerator pit stop and gorge myself senseless on the cake.

This is why there are so many “non-compliant” D’s in the world. I get so angry with people dictating my diet that I do stupid things, things I don’t usually do. Just when I get mad at non-D’s. My MIL is a sweet person but after just 4 days I am completely going off my rocker and there’s two more days here. I can completely understand the seemingly blase’ diabetic who doesn’t seem to give a rip, eats whatever/whenever they want, don’ t test, take meds right or ever go to the doctor. Because I could just as easily be that person if I lived with the right people.
Word’s can’t express the sensitivity of that subject, most other D-topics I can handle politely but the food control issue sends me off the deep end.


(there it is, I feel slightly better now)

Yep, I so agree.I have a boss that is type II—thinks he understands and knows whats best for me–and the can you really have that–espacially as I am reaching for some candy to prevent a major lo9w when working OT and missing a meal at the proper time! grrr!!!

I try to keep telling myself they mean well, but sometimes—well like ya said–it just makes ya angry

I think most diabetics get so frustrated being asked if they can or can’t eat something. I’m tired of hearing “Doesn’t that have sugar in it? You can’t have sugar?” If they only knew… or would try to understand… And the absolute worst part of it is that it’s the same people over and over and over. Even if you try to explain, it seems like it does no good.

I was at a birthday party once and was excited because I’d been so good all week and was dying for some cake and ice cream. I was handed my plate, and just getting ready to dig in, when another woman, that I barely knew… walked up and took my plate away from me, saying, “She can’t have that, she’s diabetic.” I was so furious, and how rude… I had to leave I was so mad… I feel your pain… The whole eating issue can be so frustrating around non-diabetics… urgh…

you go girl. I’m with ya. Sigh… they will never get it, so no need to waste the breath explaining. I eat what I want- then take a shot.

My remedy - push the offending person down and step on their head.

lol Kathy - maybe I’ll try that too :wink:
Don’t think it’d go down too well, somehow!

Food nazis are a pain in the butt for sure. I still haven’t figured out what to say to people or how to say it without biting heads off!