I just cant take this!

I was diagnosed 3 weeks weeks ago with Type 1. The stress has been killing me! I have trouble in school, am picked on because i have a prosthetic eye, and now with the diabetes, I just cant cope with this! How did you guys get through this stage of stress and depression, and do you have any tips for a new diabetic? Should i get a CGM or Pump this ASAP? Brand suggestions for meters, needles, ect.? Any tips on making the needles NOT hurt my stomach and arms?

Its a learning process, and you just gotta get through that first stage. One quick tip: before you inject, scratch the area of skin you want to inject into. For some reason, I find when the needle goes in, it hurts less if Ive scratched the area.

Slow down and take a deep breath. You are trying to eat an elephant whole, and it can only be done in small bites.
My apologies for the rude, mean, nasty remarks that have been sent your way by jerks. I know I didn’t do it, but, sometimes you just have to say you are sorry, and I am.

Did you get some training on how to give yourself your injections? Do you feel comfortable giving them to yourself, or do you feel you need some help in that area? I just started byetta, and I’ll tell you, I did take the help. It’s not easy, or for some of us it’s not easy. It’s not the fear of the needle so much it is the fear of not doing it right. If the needle is too big, and hurts too much, you need to ask for a finer needle. As for coping, well, it’s one day at a time, one meal at a time, one injection at a time for now. But realize that the needles are going to hurt a little, and that after time you will get used to them ---- or so they tell me.

Stress and depression all come along with diabetes, I am beginning to think. We all go through it, and as with any depression if it lasts more than three weeks, it’s time to ask for help. But I think we have it drilled into our heads that this is a VERY SERIOUS thing, and granted it is, but we have to relax and flow with it also. So plan one day at a time, plan your meals, your injections, plan ahead slightly and then go for the plan. Knowing that you might have to make some adjustments, but because you have a plan, you can do that.

As for meters and pumps, I don’t know. I have an LIfeScan meter and like it a lot, but that’s me. I’ve had three different brands and all are good depending on what you want to do with it (besides throw it out the window :o))
I have a small one, a mini, that I take with me, and a regular meter for home use. You’d have to ask the others about pumps, and I am a type II and don’t need one of those yet.

But, hang in there, it does get easier, and I am proud that you have come here, and that you are asking for help.
Now remember to breathe

BD makes some very tiny needles, they are 31 gauge (that’s how thick) and 8mm length. they will only hold up to 30 units. I tried one and could hardly feel it. I don’t know what kind of insulin you’re on, but I’ve heard Lantus hurts a bit more. I agree with everything Alan told you. Make some friends here - it really really helps. I can see from your page that you have added some really good people here as friends. get Danny and Mark on your team and you’ll be laughing too. We are all helping each other here. It really sucks sometimes, that’s when I come to TuDiabetes. I can rant and vent and know that the others here totally understand.

Vent all you like because everyone here knows how you feel. It sucks big time, but you’re not alone.

I spent my first weeks as a diabetic (MUCH older than you) curled up in a ball. I was scared, frustrated & mad as hell. When no one was around, I cried–a lot. Perfectly normal to feel as you do.

Good advice about using small, thin needles. I use syringes (8mm 31 guage) & I don’t feel it at all. I never shoot in my arms because it does hurt there. Pinch up the skin & then shoot straight in. This way it won’t hurt at all. Use your stomach, sides, butt. Anywhere there is fat. Rotate the areas so you’re not shooting in the same spots to cause scar tissue down the road. Marie has a great system for this.

Lantus stings. Levemir, another brand of basal insulin, doesn’t sting at all.

What helped me get over the stress & depression was taking action. After having a good pity party of why me, this isn’t fair, I got off my pitying butt & decided I didn’t want to go through life as a victim. To me, action was learning everything I could, asking questions, doing whatever I needed to feel good & be healthy. It’s true that knowledge is power. I’ve learned tons on TuD.

The first thing I did was learn to count carbs. I made my doctor teach me how to dose insulin for meals & how to correct highs. I was on sliding scale, how most start off. Matching insulin to food made a huge difference. I felt empowered & less depressed the more I took charge of my health.

Jenny’s site & book were one of the best things I fortunately stumbled upon http://www.bloodsugar101.com.

These books are wonderful.
Diabetes Solution by Dr. Richard Bernstein
Think Like a Pancreas: A Practical Guide to Managing Diabetes with Insulin
by Gary Scheiner
Using Insulin by John Walsh

I’d wait a bit on a pump & CGM.

Hold your head high. One thing I’ve learned is that high school jerks (well, you know what word I really want to use) never get far in life. You outshine them in every way.