Just got diagnosed

Hey, I jsut got diagnosed with MODY 2 weeks ago and am struggling with the insulin injections (5 times a day). I did the first 60 fine, and now I have something in my head freaking me out! If anyone can give me any tips about ANYTHING diabetes related please tell me! I don’t know anyone with diabetes, and its scary and really difficult to deal with. Thanks :slight_smile:

I remember how hard all this was at first. I had been squeamish about needles all of my life so the idea that I acquired a disease that required me to give myself injections was my worst nightmare. My guess is that the reality of everything that’s happened over the past 2 weeks is setting in and making it harder. The thing to remember is that you were able to do it and that means you know you can give yourself the injections. Are you using a pen or a syringe? The trick is to get the tiniest needles you can find. If you’re using a pen, BD makes needles called “nano” – they are thin and short and you can barely feel them. Another thing that helped me was to remember that the body is supposed to produce insulin so all I was doing was putting into my body what should be there naturally. Somehow the logic of that made it easier for me – it felt less invasive somehow. I’m glad you’re on this site. You’ve found a place where people understand what it means to be diagnosed and how hard it is to accept at first. Also – do a search on the site with the word “MODY” and I bet you will find some other people with your precise kind of diabetes with whom you can connect. There are also a lot of students here. Look through the groups – I think you may find some that are of interest. Definitely keep active here. You’ll find all kinds of support. I’ve made some great friends here and learned a lot too.

Just stay calm, try not to overthink it, and just keep telling yourself it gets easier!! I had a very hard time after diagnosis I think that it is normal I was scared to death and nervous all the time about everything and I still get that way sometimes it kinda comes and goes. Keep your head up and take care of yourself! God bless.