I cant take the stress and depression!

I was diagnosed 3 weeks weeks ago with Type 1. The stress has been killing me! I have trouble in school, am picked on because i have a prosthetic eye, and now with the diabetes, I just cant cope with this! How did you guys get through this stage of stress and depression, and do you have any tips for a new diabetic? Should i get a CGM or Pump this ASAP? Brand suggestions for meters, needles, ect.? Any tips on making the needles NOT hurt my stomach and arms?

Oh my. I’m sorry you are struggling. I had to shoot insulin while I was pregnant, and I found that it didn’t hurt as much when I shot into stomach fat. Once in a while I’d hit a nerve or something and it would sting like hell, but mostly it wasn’t very noticeable. Maybe you need smaller guage needles? I don’t have brand suggestions, and at least for the moment I’m Type 2. It will get easier as things become more routine. Don’t let this become your whole life. Once you learn to manage the diabetes, set it in the background and live your life.

Hang in there!


I feel for you and hope you can find time to read up on what others are doing here on TuDiates. Because I am an old geezer I was once asked what advice I would give to young diabetics. Here is what I said:
What is your advice for the younger generations of people with diabetes?
Find the right balance between living the life you want to live and dealing with your diabetes. It need not dominate your life, but you sure cannot afford to ignore it. Bone up on the new technologies and make it a high priority to hook up with an endo and a diabetes team that you can trust and communicate with. CGM is enormously helpful to me and I only wish I had had it back in 1944!
If you want to read more about it you can google my name and bungee-jumping.

sorry for your troubles. focus on the good stuff and why it’s important to stay healthy.take care

Hang in …we are here to help you

Tell us what you need and there are great sites on here for teens,kids etc

Hey first and formost stress does not help at all esp with numbers makes it ten times worse I know its hard but try and not stress.
Secondly never ever let anyone pick on you diabetes is a battle in its self you dont need people making it worse, try and talk to someone a teacher or someone you feel would listen and help you out there are people around I am sure.
Diabetes is a daily thing so taking a deep breath and gettin on with it as best as you can is the best thing to do,its ok to be angry and emotional esp when you`ve just been diagnosed.
The meter I use is optium Xceed and I think its great as its easy to test glucose levels as well as ketons when its needed it even tells you if you need to test for them so see if you can get that one, I have not been on the pump or cgm but there are ppl on here on them and I am sure they will give you feedback on them.
Needles will have a little bit of pain at most times I think but the best thing to do is get the right size for your body they come in different sizes so talk to your team about it, then try different places on your body stomach,Thighs,arms etc because everyone has a favourite place and my ones are the thighs as they are very meathy hahahhah.make sure you rotate because you dont want any lumbs and that makes the insulin not work as it should do.
This pic should help with the sites.