I just got some good news

Hello All, I am new here, but I thought I would share some good news with you. I have been a T1 for all of six weeks and I probably do not have to tell you how much has changed in my life during that time. Well, I had my second visit with my CDE and she told me I am doing very good keeping under control. She was quite happy with my numbers over the past three weeks since my last visit with her.

I had thought there were times I wasn’t doing so good, but she basically said sometimes you have bad days and then she showed me what bad really was :slight_smile:

She also is confident with my ability to count carbs enough that she wants me to see my endo again to get on a pump. So I will have to review my choices and pick one. So far I think I like the medtronics and the omnipod.

Hi Stephen, I am recently diagnosed Type 1 as well. My endocrinologist has also suggested the pump to me. I would be interested in hearing which one you choose and if you like it. I think I am going to wait till my next appt to make the decision.

I wish you good health and continued great control!


Good job Stephen keep it up. It’s a long journey from here on out…we are all lifers so stay positive and take the good with the bad.

I am on my second Minimed pump and love it! My sister just started with the Omnipod and is having all sorts of trouble with it. She also was on the Minimed for 3 years before switching. She feels the Imnipod needs more R&D, but the idea is really neat. Good luck!

Hello! So sorry to hear of your dx of diabeties. I have been on boths sides of the road. My brother dx at 24months. And me when i was 25 years old. Was taken to the hospital with 10064 blood sugar walk into hospital er and ended up in icu. I knew what i was in for. Countless fingersticks and daily injections 4 times a day.But I am prond to say my brother helped since day one. He is my HERO AND IS MY INSPIRATION. Just recently I started on the 722 minimed and He is my AMAZING SUPPORT 24/7 ALONG WITH MY ANGEL CDE WHO I THANK FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART.It will take time thourgh trail and error and carb counting is the key. My a1c went from 6.5 to 5.6 in just a couple of weeks.He is on minimed and cgm which tells his blood sugars 24/7. I hope to be on that as soon as possible. Well if you ever wanna chat drop me a line. diabeticidol94

Welcome to the gang!

I use a Minimed pump, and love, love, love it. I suspect I’d love just about any pump over taking shots. I’m hoping to get the upgraded continuous blood glucose monitoring pump soon.

You’re so right - there are good days, and there can be bad days. It’s easy to beat yourself up over bad days, but better if you cross them off and continue to just concentrate on doing the best you can. There are just SO MANY things that can affect your BGL numbers other than food.

Good luck with your pump choice! Come back and tell us all about it when you get it!

I have tried wearing the omnipod and it didn’t bother me, but I haven’t tried the minimed yet. My CDE would have hooked me up with one yesterday filled with saline, but she had to loan it out to someone in an emergency. I won’t select one until I wear it as I know I will be with it for four years.

This is what I keep hearing about the support, plus the rep is located right in Oswego were I live, the omnipod rep is located in Pennsylvania. I really like the idea of a tubeless device, but the support and service from medtronic has put it in the running. I really need to wear one and see if it bothers me.

I have always been able to brush things off, my wife would complained that nothing ever bother me, well I guess its a good thing now :slight_smile:

Thanks Dino, I learned very early on not to sweat a bad day, especially considering a bad day for me so far is a spike to 200 after lunch and it’s back to normal by bedtime :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear about your sisters problems, what is going wrong?

Congratulations on doing very well. I have been on a pump for over 15 years, and I highly recommend it. Some folks may not like a pump but I haven’t seen many,so I would suggest you read all you can about it.
I have a MiniMed 722 and really like it. This is my 3rd pump and all have been MM. I liked the animas but it only held 200 units in the reservoir, and the MM held 300.
Being the insulin hog i am, I went MM.
Keep going…Peace, Bob

Good Job Stephen. I have been on the Animas 1250 since Nov. of 2006 and it is doing a great job for me. I don’t require alot of insulin so I chose it mostly because of the capability to set my basals by .025 increments. I now wear the Dexcom 7 and that has helped me so much. I am hypo unaware so it helps that the Dexcom alerts me to lows coming on. Good luck with your choice.

At my first endo appointment (almost 5 years ago), I showed up panicked about my blood sugar “shooting up” to 150. My endo told me to calm down or I would drive myself crazy.

A year later it was her asking about why my blood sugar shot up to over 300. Ooops…

I am on a Deltec Cozmo and LOVE it! I think that I will switch to minimed when my warranty is up, just to try something new and to test out the CGMS… but I have had ONLY good experiences with the Cozmo.

I use a Minimed 522 and love it. I started using the CGMS about 6 weeks ago and love that as well once I got past the size of the needle. Carelink on the Medtronic website is a wonderful tool for generating reports so that you can see where you need to tweak things. The customer service is top notch as well.

I will be taking a 522 for a test drive on Monday or Tuesday filled with saline. MM is the only company that has a rep in my town and I have heard from everyone that has one that customer service is very good with them.

Glad to hear you’re doing so well with things! I was diagnosed in January and I remember those first few weeks very well. I also had a doctor who was VERY encouraging and extremely suprised with how well I did from the get-go and how good I was with counting carbs. It’s a good feeling isn’t it? You’re lucky to be getting a pump so soon though! I have to wait until August because of some bs with insurance and such. I’m between the Omnipod and Minimed as well. I have a friend who’s T1 and her mom is a Medtronic rep so I’ve got a lot of great info from her, but the prospect of no wires is very appealing :slight_smile: It would be great to hear about your experiences with both and which you choose. Good luck!

I’m not getting one, it is being loaned to me to try it out. I can’t get in to see my endo until July 16th and will have to wait until then to start the process of getting a pump.