I just started pumping

I just got back from my CDE’s office and after 38 years of diabetes I’m finally on a pump. It’s really quite a liberating feeling in many ways. No more worrying about carrying my insulin everywhere I go, no more declining dinner invitations while out because I didn’t bring my insulin with me. No more eating snacks before exercise because I couldn’t “turn down” my Lantus dosage. And no worries about having to give myself another injection if I see my BG start to creep up - just give myself another bolus.

I chose the OmniPod - it just seemed right for me but I can see how all pumps have definite advantages over MDI.

Thanks Dave, I certainly will. Hopefully getting the basal rates/insulin to carb ratios/and correction factor figured out will go smoothly and quickly. Of course I’m not helping matters by going out with my wife for a dinner (that we had planned a while ago) of fondue. Nothing like high fat meals to really screw up your numbers. Oh well, I’ll be good and try to minimize the amount of fat I eat tonight.

Hoorah! Enjoy and keep us posted on how you are doing with it!!

Welcome to pumping, John. I wish you many happy, successful years with it! I’m in year 8 now (did MDI for 10 years pre-pump). Keep us posted and don’t be shy about asking questions. I learn something here almost daily!

Good luck, John! Sean has been pumping for about a year now (this is his Mom, Sue, writing). You hit it on the head, it is very liberating, for all the reasons you listed and we know you’ll discover even more! The precision with which you are now managing yourself is truly amazing.

Congrats to you!!! Very exciting news!!

I shot up for 36 years and have been pumping for 6.


I completely agree. After 27 years I went on the pump last May and it has never been better! I’m on the Medtronic Minimed but have heard GREAT things about the OmniPod as well. I am still playing with the multiple basal settings, trying to get it “just right” for me but after 8 shots a day, the Pump was the way to go! :o)