I m surprised the eiffel tower isnt made from white bread

Hey everybody

I have just returned from 5 great days in Paris visting my dad who lives there, it was my first trip to France since my diabetes diagnosis and oh my god did that give me a different perspective on things...
Everywhere I looked I saw nothing but pain au chocolats, croissants, baguettes and wonderful delicate pastries of all shapes, colours and sizes.
My god what a torture chamber for a diabetic.
Fortunately my dad had lived in Naples for a long time before that so he cooked me wonderful mediterranean italian things for every lunch and dinner (minus the pasta). Fresh veggies, fish and seafoods...

But I found it particularly hard to find stuff to eat while I was exploring the city, being out and about for hours
I m a low carber and food you can buy on the hand is pretty much all pure carbs, at least in France ;)

What do you guys do when you are on the go for a long time, like on a holiday a city trip or something? I was so tired of snacking nuts and little bits of cheeses after a while, while passing one heavenly smelling boulangerie after another.
Do you prepare food and take it with you? Any suggestions whats good to take?

Thank god I love art as much as food, so I was in the right town to distract myself, otherwise,,,,


I'm going to Guatemala next month and I plan to rent a house so I can cook for myself. But I also do spend time looking around for restaurants when I travel that meet my needs.

I have to say though that I generally eat more carbs when I'm out. Not that I go crazy intentionally but I have three food requirements: I'm a vegetarian, I'm a foodie and of course my D. The first one is non-negotiable and the second one pretty important to me so the D generally comes in third. When I can meet all three I'm happy, but it takes some research and access!

Glad you had a good trip and your dad to cook for you!

You have my sympathies! So glad I took my Italy trip just prior to my dx.
I have gotten to the point where I can walk in a bakery & just take in the sights & smells. Because I walk more on this type of vacation, I do allow some more carbs than at home.
I definitely start the day with a healthy breakfast, and this often means planning ahead. I try to figure out what is local, lo-carb & special. Just returned from Oregon where this meant lotza fresh seafood & fish.

i live in spain and its pretty much the same. when im out and about, the bread smells great and everyone is having giant glasses of fresh squeezed oj and mountains of toast in the cafes. add the roving ice cream eaters now that its summer and you have one resentful Emily...
i usually do the same as you-nuts. in the winter i might have some raw veg in a tupperware-i like red and yellow peppers-but with the heat now, they get all wilted and gross. i drink a lot of coca cola zero.

Paris is a very beautiful city. Yes, there is a McDonalds on the Champs-Élysées which is a crime against humanity. But, if I won the lottery, that's the city I would want to live in. It's gorgeous.

Hi Julez: Lucky you! Paris with your dad! I can only say, when I see those fabulous boulangerie cases, I actual visualize diving into them. Literally.

For another take on a (diabetic's) vacation in France, see Gretchen Becker's delightful recent post: http://www.healthcentral.com/diabetes/c/5068/161128/traveling-diabetes

I travel to France every year. Like Zoe, we always rent a home for most of our stay. I LOVE to cook in France, and they have the most wonderful grocery stores and markets.

I have a lot less trouble with food, even carbs, over there. The French are very particular about what goes into the food they eat, and somehow I think that is the reason. The foods are purer and made with more care. Also, eating sandwiches and eating "on the hand" are relatively new ideas in France, so choices like that will be limited.

As far as Paris goes, I walk so much that a croissant or baguette sandwich (I only eat half and move all the filling to it) is helpful to counteract the miles I walk, the Metro steps I climb, etc. Also, the cafes offer some wonderful salads, so you can eat healthy and still have a piece of wonderful French bread with it!

Bon Appetite!

Paris sounds like a carboholic's delight!

One recent good "on the hand" experience for me was at the Ferry building in San Francisco. I was in transit on the way for a day at the boat show. I was ready for breakfast. In the past I would have eaten a fried egg and sausage sandwich on a tasty high carb bun. Instead I went to a deli and ordered a cooked and warm Italian sausage that came on a piece of waxed paper with mustard, no bun. I added a hard boiled egg to order and it was satisfying and perfect for my post meal BGs. Does France have delicatessens?

If I went to France, I would definitely need a replenishment of my willpower bank! I still love carbs, like a French croissant, but I now find them easier to resist.

Great topic.

I will probably cry every time i pass Laduree or Pierre Herme and other great places :slight_smile:

They are working on it.

Been there: people walking around munching on baguettes, open air markets with bakeries. I was trying to explain to a friend why travelling is such a hassle if you have to watch every bite you eat!