Traveling w/ Type 1

My Daughter is going to Paris,France for week w/ her Grandma and Aunt. I’ve done a few searches on the food there to get an idea for carbs. Either I’m looking in the wrong place or there isn’t anything. Suggestions?

I’ve lived in both France and French-speaking Belgium and bread (as you’d guess!) is a staple of the diet there, along with salads, all sorts of meat, cheese, and their amazing range of patisserie products. As far as the bread goes – and I’m talking about the traditional baguette – a 1 inch slice (width) of a standard-sized baguette is about 10gr of carbs (so 1 carbohydrate portion). Yes, it’s heavy on the carbohydrate and it obviously doesn’t take much of it to make the carb count build up in just one meal. I don’t have a problem with it myself and – laugh if you like – I always carry a tape measure in my bag because it comes in handy to measure the width of baguette-style bread that might appear on a plate.

If you warn your daughter away from cakes and patisserie, perhaps you might just let her have a taste of whatever her Nan and Aunt might try. I can’t see too much of a problem with just a taste, especially when out and about sightseeing.

Forgot to mention the croissant in case she has one for breakfast ;-)) A normal-sized croissant is about 20gr of carbs.

Does she have a FRIO wallet for keeping insulin cool? It is great for traveling!

This is a once in a life time trip she gets to try " almost" whatever her little heart desires lol. Wow thats alot of carbs for a little piece of bread. Thank you both for responding.

We just use an ice pack for her insulin… We’re still pretty new to this… What is a FRIO wallet? Are they exspensive?

I have sent TU member Brigitte from Lyon, France a message on her page re your carb. concerns …she actually " welcomed " you .
I suppose Daughter knows how to calculate insulin , while in flight with the time difference ?? Have a grand time …

I guess I go with the meats, cheeses, yogurts, and veggies there. If you ask them to withhold sugar from entres in a sit-down restaurant, you’ll have no problem. Ask the chef what he recommends on the menu. Draw an inch on your wallet so you can measure your bread. Take half a croissant so you can eat lower carb options. If you eat the bread with red wine, the wine will reduce blood sugar while the bread holds it up. then you must take care to have some glucose tabs with you.
Paris is a vegetarian and healthy eating delight. Portions are appropriate. Eaten slowly. Bon voyage!

I LOVE the Frio Wallet. It is basically a gel pack that is activated by water. It is not as cold as a cooler, but is cool enough for storing insulin. You soak is for about 10 minutes and it stays cool for three days. To re-activate it, you just splash some water on it.

They cost about 20-30 dollars, but they are re-useable. I have been using the same wallet for 5 years (I use it about once a month).

Click here to see their website. You might find it slightly cheaper on Amazon or other online diabetes suppliers.

Hope this helps!

Awesome! Thank you!