I might get to test this new 3in1 device


My doctor has signed me up for testing this new device, I do not know if I will be accepted for the test yet though. I haven´t seen it for myself yet but she showed me some brochures and stuff.

Actiste - Actiste

I hope I get accepted so I can return with a review soon.

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Huh, I’ve never seen such a thing before.

I think It’s only available here in Sweden. I’ve only seen it on some morning TV show here but didn’ think it was ready yet.

I read about this in various forms.
It’s essentially a pen injector where all the doses are captured via the phone.
It also has a built in finger stick tester but not a cgm.
That is if it’s the same thing I read about. It looks the same.

Looks interesting. Sweden seems to be very medical tech forward, but I don’t think there’s a lot of cross-over with those things into the US. I wonder if it’s just because our FDA is a bear for processing approval.

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Timothy, its a unified device (Glucometer + Insulin pen+ Blood Lancing pen) with an inbuilt E-sim. Sells on subscription model with automatic replenishment of the consumables (test strips, Lancets, insulin pen needles). comes with a companion app for IoS and Android.