New Diabetes Technology- Straight from expo

Hey all,
So i just got back from MedTech trade show that focuses on new medical devices. Some pretty interesting stuff out there, particularly for diabetes, wanted to see what everyone’s take on some of the most exciting products I saw a lot of stuff that marries mobile phones and diabetic stuff.
First off, we all have a lot to be excited about in terms of software. A number of different small companies are making very comprehensive software combing glucose meters, CGMS, pumps, etc.
Other stuff i saw that i felt would help me:

new glucose meter that has a built in case to keep testing strips and uses the battery and screen of the google Android phone and Blackberrys, then syncs with the developers software and allows you to graph, etc. I, of course, asked about the iPhone, but they said that Apple doesn’t allow that stuff and you would have to jailbreak it. Hmmmm…does anyone use jailbroken iPhones? i wonder how that would sell…

also, i saw two kids, probably both 21 years old, who made a wireless device that plugs right into popular meters, (they were using the freestlye flash but they said new ones were coming out for ascensia and accucheck), and you can send all your results directly to their software, no matter where it was (Mac, PC, phone). Their software was loaded onto the iPhone so that was pretty cool.

Also saw a new glucose meter that was made out of organic material…they said it was made out of recycled paper and fruits! can you believe that? Go Green!

Wow a green meter that’s awesome. I used to go to tech shows when I worked in manufacturing and some of the stuff was just mind blowing. That was years ago so I bet now it is beyond what I saw.

I am not so much into the sending my results to anyone but the idea that some can is cool.

Be well and be loved

hey, i’m sorry, i meant you can send the results directly to YOUR software, wherever you downloaded it to. i think you use passwords to make sure that it’s your device and it’s not just wandering around in wireless land.

And with the first one, it basically looked like a test strip holding case, then they plugged it into their Blackberry Curve, removed a test strip, plugged it into the side and was able to test using their Blackberry screen

:slight_smile: yeah that’s better I guess I am kind of private so the idea anyone could see it was a bit uncomfortable to me.
I am even a bit scared of MM’s or rather Medtronic (sigh it will always be minimed to me), integrated pump/cgm/meter that can operate without much of your input if you want it to. It is still in FDA and all but it is coming. Maybe I have OCD that only effects my type 1 :stuck_out_tongue:
Be loved